When it comes to little kids (second through fifth grade) learning prepositions, I have found that it is helpful to teach them prepositions in a way that emphasizes what prepositions are for and how they are used. (Again, memorizing is fine, but if they can learn them and at the same time learn about using them, that’s even better!)
One way that we begin teaching kids prepositions is by teaching them how to “show position”—since that is what prepositions do.
We begin with the concept that “prepositions show position”! Once they learn that rhyme, we have them practice prepositions with a “Preposition Practice Pal” (PPP) and a bathroom tissue tube.
A PPP can be an army man, Polly Pocket, Lego guy, or any little toy animal or person. The student uses that little PPP and the bathroom tissue tube to show position of the PPP to the tube—and thus to practice prepositions.
Consider if my PPP were Birdie (though it could be Polly, Kitty, Joe, Superman, etc.), and I held it up in relation to my bathroom tissue tube. See how many prepositions fit in the sentence using the two objects:
Birdie flew _________________ the tube.
Practice prepositions with the PPP and bathroom tissue tube—and see how many prepositions you can name. Tomorrow I will give you a list of prepositions that fit with Birdie! J
Note: If you are stuck, think Birdie flew above the tube; Birdie flew around the tube…get creative with your PPP and tube! It helps to actually move your PPP in positions with your bathroom tissue tube.

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