We have a new page up with all the details for the 2015-2016 Cottage Classes!

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Character Ink Cottage Classes 2015-2016


Character Ink (CI) is announcing a tentative class offering list for the next school year for all three of our locations. Please note that the classes will be offered based on enrollment as of July 1st (for first semester) and November 1st (for second semester), so if there is a class that you want CI to run, please be sure to register early to be sure that class is full enough.

Registrations are on a first come-first served basis after May 15th. Prior to May 15th, returning and past families will have the opportunity to register early. A deposit of $50 per student (regardless of number of classes) is required with the registration form in order to hold class spots for a student.

Craigville/Ossian area Tuesday and First Assembly Monday classes are invoiced monthly. Thursday classes should be paid in full on the first day of classes. (All locations will credit the $50 deposit, of course.) Class prices are given in detail on the registration forms at our blog (and range between $10 per week [for 90 min classes] and $15 per week [for 2.5 to 3 hour classes—CQLA only) [not including books and/or lab fees], depending on length of class sessions).

Click here to read more and get all of the details!

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