Announcing Openings for Character Ink's Cottage Classes in 2016

We have several openings in our one semester classes for the second semester and a few in our two semester classes. Please check out the schedule below and email us to add students—

Please call to add students to any two semester classes (CQLA {complete language arts}, sciences, or Spanish classes (260-433-4365 or 260-450-7063).

Click here to download the 2016 class schedules.


We have a couple of changes to the schedule based on enrollment, so please look closely to see if something has been added that might interest your family.

Here are some classes that have either been added or that have room in them for sure. (Other classes might have a space or two, so please call!)

MONDAY—First Assembly in Fort Wayne

CQLA Level C 9:00-11:00

CQLA Level B 9:00-11:00

Anatomy (Advanced Bio)—second semester of book/lab 8:30-10:00

High School Biology –second semester of book/lab 12:00-1:30

CLEP—College Composition—2:30-4:00


TUESDAY –Bluffton, IN

CQLA Level C (Advanced) 8:30-10:30

Modern World History (7th-12th)—10:30-12:00

High School Essay/SAT Essay 1:30-3:00



NEW! NEW! NEW! Junior High Research Reports (6th-9th grades) 9:00-10:30 CALL ASAP

High School Literature (8th-12th)—10:30-12:00

High School Research Reports (upper level)—12:00-1:30

Economics (7th-12th)—1:30-3:00

Ancient World History (7th-12th)—3:00-4:30


TUESDAY—Bluffton, IN


Click here to download the 2016 class schedules.


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