Beauty and the Beast Checklist Challenge How To! (New Writing Project--Free for Subscribers!)

I’m excited to announce a new downloadable product that is super user-friendly and effective!  And…’s based on the story of Beauty and the Beast, so it’s super fun too!


I’ll give you the details of the product in a little bit, but I want to let you know how you can get your hands on this resource first.

If you are a subscriber of Character Ink blog, you will automatically get it in our Freebie Friday! (How cool is that?) Yep, I’m giving you a fifty-plus-page e-book to use with your students completely free (for a limited time!).


If you are not a subscriber and/or you are reading this blog post after the freebie has ended, you can still get ahold of this product at Teachers Pay Teachers, CurrClick, or Character Ink Store!


So now for the deets….

Beauty and the Beast Checklist Challenge is a downloadable e-book that walks students (and teachers!) through the first three-fourths of Language Lady’s effective Checklist Challenge. The Checklist Challenge is a “challenging checklist” of tasks that help students go through their writing, one task at a time, and revise, edit, add to, embellish, and improve.


The Checklist Challenge has the following characteristics/benefits:


(1) Each task is given separately (i.e. not just a big master list with no explanation). The tasks are explained and samples are provided.

(2) The checklist has check boxes (one per paragraph) for each essay/report/story that you can customize to a certain project. It is clear that a paper has four paragraphs, so most of the task should be done four times— once per paragraph.

(3) The tasks are skills learned in grammar. Once a child learns how to use quotations, he should practice them immediately by putting them in his writing. The Checklist Challenge marries grammar and writing in a way that other programs do not.

(4) Coding instructions are given so that a student can be taught to code his additions and revisions for easyteacher-grading.

And so much more.


This book is chock full of learning! There is a thorough sample essay that has all of the CC revisions penned into it and coded to teach you and your student how this is done. There is an essay given for the student to use to complete the Checklist Challenge. However, there is also instruction in how to write your own Beauty and the Beast essay to complete the Checklist Challenge on (if desired). Finally, there is an extra Checklist Challenge for you to print off and use with future essays, stories, and reports.


This book will teach you how to use Language Lady’s Checklist Challenge to improve all of your writing. It will show you step-by-step how to make changes that improve your writing drastically. It is very directed—meaning that you will not have to guess what to do next or how to change something or how to improve something. You will become a pro at the Checklist Challenge (for the essay in this book as well as future essays) after you finish with this book!




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