Age Appropriate Chore Series

I recently published an e-book titled Age-Appropriate Chores with printable posters for each age group (containing Chores to Do With Someone and Chores to Do By Themselves). It had a forward of several pages of chore tips. It was a freebie in January but is now available at our stores for a small price.

People have been enjoying those posters, so I decided to publish shortened versions of the posters (just the Chores to Do By Themselves) on the blog and for Pinterest. With that, I am going to run several chore tip blog posts as well. So stay tuned over the next few weeks as I write about chores and as we share these colorful memes.

To use the memes in your home, here are some tips:

(1)   You can print them off in color or black and white, three hole punch them, place them in sheet protectors, and put them in a binder (such as your planner or school binder). You can use them as check sheets to check off as each skill is taught/learned/mastered by your child(ren).


(2)   You can print them off in color and hang them up in a family learning area and use them to motivate  your children—again as benchmarks for learning and mastery.


(3)   You can print them off in color and place each child’s in his or her area in the school room or family room or bedroom door or bulletin board.


(4)   You can use them to create a master list for the year of skills that you want to teach. If you do this, be sure that you give each skill a date or month and some benchmarks and checks and balances to keep you moving forward in the chore training.


(5)   Print them off at the end of each school year with the posters indicating which chores the child has mastered and put in his school binder or file for that year.


Of course, the foundation for all chores was mentioned over and over again in the list of how to use the upcoming chore memes: train children in chores.


All of the tips that follow will be of no use if your children have not been fully taught how to do the chores. That is your responsibility.


Once your kids know how to do the assigned chores, the fun of having chores done completely will begin…but not until after the thorough training!


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