Word of the Year 2015

Last year I jumped on the “word of the year” bandwagon. I have really liked this concept, and I feel that my word served me well.

Why, then, am I keeping this word for the month of January 2016 instead of moving on to my (surprising) word for the new year?

Because my word for 2015 was COMPLETION. And I’m not finished with that word yet! (Yeah, ironic, huh?)

When I first thought about adopting a word of the year in December of 2014, the words that I kept thinking had to do with finishing, finalizing, completing. And for good reason.

I have been stuck in a “not finishing” rut for a long time. Not because I don’t work my tail off (because I do—and I love working).

Not because I don’t know what I need to do in order to “complete”—because I definitely do. I’ve been writing and testing fifty books for fifteen years. I know how to do this with my eyes closed (which is another reason I don’t complete….too many ideas at night! 🙂 ).

Not because I don’t want to finish these things—wowsie, do I ever.

But for some reason (too many projects at once, too big of projects—8,000 pages in all Meaningful Composition books combined; too much “testing” of the books resulting in too many changes/additions; and more), the completion of several projects has just eluded me.

(Note that elude is associated with elusive, which can mean hidden; allude is associated with allusion, which can mean call something to mind without mentioning it. This parenthetical text is probably another reason that finishing these projects has ELUDED me….squirrel!)

So COMPLETION until at least the end of January it is! Hopefully, I will introduce my new word then….when these things are COMPLETED:

1) Meaningful Composition books 5 I through 11 I (two semesters each)

2) Write On, Peter Pan! Five e books for public, private, and homeschools

3) Letters and Sounds: Little ABC Rhyming Books

4) Letters and Sounds: My Collage Book

It will be a great feeling. I can’t wait! So until that moment is achieved—COMPLETION is my word!


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