Very Short Story Lesson (Live Video Training!)

I love teaching every type of writing to every age of student! There isn’t a writing lesson that I have written in fifty thousand pages and one hundred books that I don’t look forward to teaching! (There are some grammar ones—direct and indirect objects! And some spelling ones—creating plurals! But not writing!)


My books are so directed and step-by-step that they are truly incredibly fun to teach from.

When you first saw the title of this, maybe you were a little freaked out about the idea of teaching story writing. I know that I used to be before Joshua (my son) taught me how to teach it incrementally, step-by-step with mapping and lists that help students lay out their characters, plot, obstacles, solutions, and more. He is a master teacher and has helped me learn how to teach things that I formerly did not feel comfortable teaching.

And our story writing lessons can do the same for you!

Our story writing lessons can be found in three main places (with sample pages for you to print off to try before you buy!):

1) Meaningful Composition—twenty-two print, one-semester writing books for second through twelfth graders with a Christian/character emphasis. Some of our books are specifically creative—3 II, 5 II, 7 II, and 9 II.


2) Write On books—fifteen, print and downloadable, one-month writing books for second through twelfth graders that are secular in nature and based on old books that are current movies (Write On, Mowgli; Write On, Peter Pan; Write On, Beauty and Beast).


3) Writing and English downloads—many of our books are being broken up and made into short, downloadable, secular (but still meaningful!) products for brick and mortar schools, co-ops, tutoring, and homeschools. Watch this part of the store for many more! (Some that are up now include our popular Writing Boxes, How to Complete the Checklist Challenge, and Twice-Told Tale lessons!)


I hope you will check out those samples—or call to set up a live video training for you and some friends where I show you all of the products and help you find the ones that are right for you!


In the meantime, check out my live FB video from this week that I created for some of my summer school students who were away at camp. I think it shows you (as much as possible without your having the book in front of you) how story writing can be taught using our Directed Writing Approach!




What is your greatest struggle in teaching writing? What would help you to see “in action”?

Love and hope,




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