Tricky Trick to Help it Stick!
We tell our students all the time that you know more than you think you know! And that if you take what you already know and apply it to what you do not know, you will soon know even more!

Take the word homophone, for instance.

Homo—means same
Phone—means hear

Thus, homophones sound the same what you hear them.

Homophones are words like their, they’re, and there and to, too, and two—words that sound the same when they are spoken but only look different when written.

I use tricks, mnemonics, rhymes, jingles, songs….anything I can think of…in my books and with my students. I want learning to be as easy as it can possibly be for kids—you could say it is one of my missions in life!

Like I always tell them: “Take something you already know. Apply it to something you don’t know! Now you know more!”  🙂

Sight and site are confusing words. I think they have gotten even more confusing with SITE being used as a “place on the internet.” It seems that I see SIGHT used for physical places more and more nowadays, and I can’t help wonder if it is because students now think of SITE as being online, and SIGHT being for every thing else.

You probably already know how to spell KITE and SIGHT….so use what you already know to learn even more!



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