Teaching Writing With a Thorough Checklist  [with video!]

Writing class is often the most difficult class for teachers—homeschoolers and brick and mortar schoolers alike. Oftentimes, a teacher has not had much writing experience herself to draw from. (Perhaps her writing classes were lacking in school, and she hasn’t had reason to write much in her adulthood.) Many writing programs are vague and more idea-based than step-by-step-based. You have probably heard me talk on here about how I overcame these obstacles in my writing curricula by utilizing my Directed Writing Approach. This Directed Writing Approach has churned out several *perfect* scores on the verbal SAT/ACT! And…this approach carries over into my writing checklist for students, known as the Checklist Challenge.


(You can see samples of the Checklist Challenge in my sample lessons for Meaningful Composition, Character Quality Language Arts, and Write On at our store!)


But sometimes seeing AND hearing are even better! So I’ve been doing some FB Live videos demonstrating some of my products. This past week I videotaped a portion of a Checklist Challenge lesson that I think shows how to use my Checklist Challenge better than simply telling you! (See last week’s story writing video class in this post!)


Oh, and check out my two downloadable products for learning the Checklist Challenge:




QUESTION: What is your biggest struggle in teaching writing? Let me know, and I’ll teach about it in the blog!


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