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New Healthy Living Blog and Free E-Book

NEW Healthy Living Blog & Free eBook

Now that I am done homeschooling, I have been expanding my home business offerings. My husband and I are still writing and teaching parenting through Character Ink/Raising Kids With Character. I continue to write curriculum (including new downloadable products and finishing my Meaningful Composition series). I still teach Cottage Classes to homeschoolers one day a week. I added private students last year—and I love it! So much like my homeschooling days with my kids. This year I also added my Plexus supplement business.

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Make Sugar-Free Confectioner’s Sugar (Powdered Sugar) and Brown Sugar

Pin for later...make your own SUGAR FREE powdered and brown sugar!

Hi there! I am in the process of moving my low-carb recipes in my low-carb mixes over to my health and wellness page, plexus to feel great. This brown sugar and powdered sugar post can be found over there. Thanks for joining me!



{Sugar Free} Grilled BBQ Chicken

Sugar-Free Grilled BBQ Chicken

Wowsie, sometimes I really miss BBQ—you know the sweet, yet spicy/tangy, taste of BBQ ribs from Outback or pulled pork from a street vendor at the fair? And when I start feeling that way, I know that it is time to pull out my Sugar-Free Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce and make something yummy!

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Monterey Marinade


Monterey Marinade


I like to marinate meats in a bbq type/Tex Mex marinade when using them in fajitas, bbq, etc. (Even if I am adding bbq sauce at cooking time, I still love that flavor-infusion from marinading in this mixture!)

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Sugar Free Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe


Sugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe


BEST. Sugar free. Jam. Ever. And I am a grammar police—I have written fifty books (mostly English curricula) and forty thousand pages over the past fifteen years. But this jam is good enough to break the sentence rules over! 🙂

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