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Raising Kids With Character Parenting Seminar by Ray & Donna Reish

It’s that time of year already! That time when we start considering where and how often we will travel to speak in the spring and summer. We haven’t been traveling as much the past few years as we have been working hard to first of all revise Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA) (finished four years ago) and now to revise and complete the entire series of Meaningful Composition. These two projects have been super expensive and time consuming and left few resources or energy for a lot of traveling and speaking.


We are hoping to get back out there more in 2016, and we would love to come to your area with our Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar. This seminar is flexible and has been widely received! We love helping parents with parenting—and this seminar lets us do that on a larger scale.


Ray & Donna Reish’s Speaking Topics and Seminars

Ray & Donna Reish's Speaking Topics and Seminars

Ray & Donna Reish



We are available to speak on a variety of topics including Christian parenting, marriage, homeschooling, organization, prioritizing, heart training, raising teens, language arts teaching, writing instruction, scheduling, home management, and more. Additionally, Joshua (our oldest son, age 31, BA in history with emphases on literature, writing, and government) speaks to parents about how to teach literature, creative writing, social sciences, speech, debate, history, and more.



Character Ink has dozens of workshop possibilities for your event! And we love to help families. Win-Win!

Check out the links below to find out the details of our homeschooling workshops, weekend seminars, and parenting sessions.

You will find the following and much more!


Discipline: Punishment/Chastisement VS Consequences/Reality Discipline

It has been important to us in our child training that we understand (or at least try to understand!) the difference between foolishness (willfulness) and childishness (underdeveloped character). The differences between these two types of behaviors in children are crucial in disciplining properly. This is truly one of the biggest mistakes that we see parents make. For example:

(1) A child who spilled his milk at the table is disciplined in the same manner as he was earlier in the day when he struck his brother

(2) A child who forgot to shut the door and the dog got in the house is disciplined in the same manner as he was when he talked back to his mother

(3) A child who didn’t thoroughly clean his room is disciplined in the same manner as he was earlier when he lied to his dad about using one of this tools

In our child training, Ray and I have tried to determine whether a behavior was rebellion against us (as in outright disobedience or disrespect) or childishness (as in forgetfulness, procrastination, sloppiness, etc.):

1. Foolishness

   a. Rebellion

   b. Disobedience

   c. Disrespect

  d. Lying

2. Childishness

   a. Undeveloped or underdeveloped character

   b. Forgetfulness, procrastination, irresponsibility, etc.

   c. May turn into “foolishness” if left unattended

We do this because disobedience requires biblical discipline whereas childishness requires the second aspect of child training we have used: reality discipline (or consequences). 

I like what an attendee at a recent seminar told us that she heard about this topic: Punishment is only for the Four D’s:

1. Disobedience (i.e. not forgetfulness or overlooking routine at first)

2. Disrespect (i.e. direct disrespect to parents or those in authority–not disagreeing with you respectfully or having their own thoughts!)

3. Deceit (lying, stealing, telling half truths, etc.)

4. Destruction (purposely hurting things or people)

                            Which Behavior Is This? 

Discerning between disobedience and childishness can be so difficult! Even after nearly thirty-one years of parenting, Ray and I still continuously ask each other which behavior a child is displaying. 

Difficult or not, we must do it. The Bible says that we are not to exasperate our children. Two sure ways to exasperate them are to punish incorrectly, as in anger, etc., and to punish something as disobedience, when we should be training through consequences.

 All parents are faced with this. A child dawdles when we call him to come get ready for bed, and we wonder whether this is just childishness or if it is real disobedience. When our son leaves the dog out of the kennel for the third night in a row, and the pooch potties on the new carpet, we ask ourselves if our little guy is disobeying or forgetting. 

In a nutshell , if a child is disobedient, disrespectful, or rebellious, we have a heart issue—and a serious discipline problem that needs handled in a serious manner—and quickly. That is, the Four D’s need punishment/chastisement, not consequences or reality discipline.

If a child is forgetful, slow, unreliable, etc. (especially a younger child), it is usually childishness—and we can “train” that undeveloped or underdeveloped childishness out of a child through consequences and reality discipline.

Besides disciplining these two types of behaviors correctly, we also need to watch our response to these behaviors. Simply put, not putting the hose back in the garage after the child watered the garden should not be met with the same response by the parent as lying about putting the hose back in the garage!

It is like responding to a child’s red streak in her hair in the same way as we do if that child uses God’s name in vain. There is simply no comparison. And the same should be true in our response to childishness vs one of the Four D’s.

For more information on this, please check out Discipline at our blog–or host a Raising Kids With Character seminar in your church or parenting group or homeschooling group. (Our RKWC seminar is a Christian parenting seminar for all Christian parents as opposed to our homeschooling workshops that we do for homeschool groups. All parents, homeschooling or not, can benefit from Raising Kids With Character!)

From Donna’s Desk February 25, 2013

We have a lot of announcements here at Training for Triumph, um, I mean, Character Ink! So many that I will enumerate them for you!

1. First off, our name change: As of this spring, we will be changing from Training for Triumph to Character Ink! We feel that the new name more represents what we are about–publishing materials with a character base, including our Christian parenting seminar (which is also getting a name change!).

2. Rather than having a lengthy monthly (or quarterly in the case of the last few months!) newsletter, we are changing to quick weekly updates (like this one!). These will include announcements (like our March sale is starting this week! and our next parenting seminar is in Bluffton, IN this weekend!), as well as recent articles, posts, and thoughts from our blogs and FaceBook pages.

3. Our March sale for CQLA is starting this weekend! Throughout the month of March, all CQLA books (all colors, all levels) will be $59 rather than the normal $79 price. Spread the word! Tell  your friends!

4. Our Christian parenting seminar is also getting a name change: Raising Kids With Character (RKWC)! The blog (Positive Parenting 365) will soon get this new name, as will the upcoming book that goes along with the seminar. RKWC is a Christian parenting seminar that starts out with the Five W’s and H of Character Training, then moves into Parenting Paradigms (how what you believe about parenting affects how you parent), then into Essentials of Parenting With Character (explanations, priorities, time, commuication, and more). Then comes the fun part: character qualities, one by one, and tips and tricks on instilling these in your children. It is for parents of kids ages birth to twelve or so. (A follow up seminar is in the works–Raising Tweens and Teens With Character!) We have had several opportunities to present the seminar (and improve it!) over the past two years in our area, and we would love to bring it to your church, small group, homeschool group, etc. It is not homeschool specific, so it is a good opportunitiy for homeschoolers to serve their church in general by offering it. Give us a call for more info–and watch these weekly updates!

5. We have several avenues to reach us now:
a. Our website (free samples of our curriculum and more!):
b. Character Ink blog–just starting this to put homeschooling articles and newsletters up–
c. Character Ink FaceBook page:!/characterinkcompany
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Donna Reish

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