Discerning Between the 4D’s of Behavior and Childishness

Discerning Between the 4D's of Behavior and Childishness


One way that we like to help parents determine whether a child’s behavior is of a serious nature or whether it is simply childishness that needs training, rewards, more training, follow-through, and consequences to solve it is by using the benchmark of the 4D’s.

If you have been to our Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, you have probably heard us describe the importance of determining which behavior a child is having. This is because the behaviors that we call the 4D’s are heart-oriented and more life-affecting than those that are simply childishness such as irresponsibility, laziness, or messiness.


Wondering Wednesday: Q & A No Response Rule (Backtalking)

Podcast: No Response Rule (Backtalking)

Donna Reish, of Character Ink publishing company and “Raising Kids With Character” parenting seminar answers a question from a mom about back talking and disagreeing tweens and elementary children. Donna teaches the difference between parenting in black and white and parenting in the gray–and explains how to implement the No Response Rule.

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