52 Weeks of Talking to Our Kids: Avoiding Rules Without Reasons


Why not?

Can we change that to…..

These questions are often asked of us parents when we fail to give children the reason for our decisions and instruction.

52 Weeks of Talking to Our Kids Avoiding Rules Without Reasons

While there it is true that our children should learn to obey us and trust that we have their best in mind (but again, that comes through lots of talking and letting them see that we have their best interest in mind!), we have determined four key ingredients that cause teens to rebel—Reishes’ Recipe for Rebellion.


Podcast Notes For “Overcoming Obstacles in Parenting”


Overcoming Obstacles in Parenting

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Reasons for Overwhelm

(1) Working out of your season of life
(2) Doing too much/too prideful to say you really can’t do everything you want/think you should be able to do
(3) Working out of your strengths—trying to be like someone else or wanting to have talents that you don’t really have


Podcast: Overcoming Obstacles in Parenting

Podcast: Overcoming Obstacles in ParentingDonna Reish, of Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar and blog, and Character Ink, brings you this weeks podcast episode, Overcoming Obstacles in Parenting. In this episode, Donna describes several obstacles that keep us from moving forward in our parenting. She offers some insight into these and how they affect our parenting. Finally, she offers action steps to help us overcome these obstacles.




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