Read Aloud Time!

It’s winter! That means snuggling under a fleece, matching sweatsuits on, and reading all day. (Okay, you don’t have to do the matching sweatsuits…but trust me, your kids will remember that when they are adults….um…..I’ve been told!)

Read Aloud Time!


I have a lot of material at the blog about reading aloud to your kids—unit studies, morning read aloud, Bible time, story time, family read aloud, and more. We did them all…nearly every day for twenty-five years….and I wouldn’t trade those hours for anything!


But there are logistics…especially if you are trying to do this with a large family…multiple ages and interests, etc.


Wondering Wednesday Podcast: Story Time Questions

Podcast: Story Time Questions

Donna, of Character Ink Publishing and Raising Kids With Character parenting seminars, answers a young mom’s questions about how to handle story time with multiple ages–handling disruptive toddlers, developing a love for story time and books in all ages, making it a special time, and more!


Q & A: Story Time With Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Olders

I have a question about reading to my young kids! I have a 4, 2, and 1 year old. The 1 year old hardly sits still to be read to, but my question is specifically about the 2 year old. He is always asking me to stop reading as he has questions about everything on the page, or wants to ‘count’ something, or he is flipping back through pages wanting to talk about what we just talked about. Again. What do I do? Let him be in charge of how we go through the book and what we talk about – possibly never finishing the book? Or ask him to wait until the end of each set of pages and then not let him turn them back? OR tell him to be quiet the whole time?! Any feedback and suggestions are welcomed

Q & A: Story Time With Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Olders (Character Ink/Donna Reish)

Story Time Questions

I treated story time much like I treated unit studies (or “subject reading” as Joshua used to call it when he was five!). Here are some basics for that first:


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