Podcast: Five Homeschooling Problems and Solutions

Donna Reish, of Character Ink publishiPodcast - Five Homeschooling Problems & Solutionsng company/homeschool provider, Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, and Language Lady blog/teaching products, answers readers questions about homeschooling problems. Donna gives some potential causes for five common problems and then follows those causes with potential solutions. She also gives links to podcast episodes and blog posts for listeners to learn more. Donna leans on her thirty-plus years of homeschooling experience to discuss these five problem areas: (1) Not finding a schedule that works for your family; (2) Not enough independence in your learners; (3) Littles on the loose; (4) Too much housework/inability to get the “regulars” done; (5) Tweens and teens not doing what is assigned.


Duggar Trouble: What Christian Parents Should Really Be Focusing On

Dugger Trouble-What Christian Parents Should Really Be Focusing On


Every day it is the same thing—more Duggar articles, updates, and tidbits coming through my FaceBook feed. Everybody has an opinion—from one extreme to another.


While I met the Duggars fifteen years ago when Mrs. Duggar and I both spoke at the same conference (me on how to teach writing and language arts and her on how to manage a family of eight or ten kids! 🙂 ), I do not know them personally nor have I ever watched their show or heard them speak (outside of that conference).

The truth is that none of us know the truth about the Dugger situation. People write blog posts and articles as though they know first-hand the exact time line and the decisions and moves that were made. I have a policy of never writing about something that I know nothing about, so this post will not delve into the Duggars’ problems.



New Series: Ten Ways to Get Things Done FAST for Families

Ten Ways to Get Things Done FAST for Families


I am doing a new series on “back to school” (see the first post here), and as part of that, I am encouraging moms to learn some efficiency and organizational strategies to make the school year better. I look back on my thirty-one years of homeschooling so far and realize that each year, each season, each month was really another opportunity to add another skill, another layer to my organization, efficiency, and home management strategies.


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