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Introducing Meaningful Composition

Introducing Meaningful Composition

Directed writing. Every step laid out for students and teachers. Complete and thorough editing checklist in which grammar skills are actually applied to writing (with clear check boxes and assignments). Essays. Reports. Stories. Twice Told Tales. Dialogues. Description. Persuasion.

Just a few phrases that describe the Meaningful Composition series. And I’m more excited about this series than ever!

Here’s why:

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Preposition Practice Packet Product Intro and Video!

Preposition Practice Packet

Aboard, about, above. Along, among, around….

Whether your kids sing them, recite them, chant them, rap them, or write them…prepositions are important.

I learned them in chant-like form when I was in school. However, I never knew WHY I needed to learn them.

My newest downloadable product will teach kids prepositions—in a way that focuses on the WHY, that is, what prepositions really do!

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June’s Wondering Wednesdays & Freebie Fridays

June Freebie FridayWondering Wednesday

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Product Highlight: Recipe for Rebellion Poster Pack

Product Highlight: Recipe for Rebellion Poster Pack

We have another new parenting/character training product! A teaching that we offer in our Raising Teens With Character seminar (as well as in our teen workshops for conventions and small groups) is our signature Recipe for Rebellion. In this teaching, we bring to light four negative parenting practice that causes teens to rebel: giving rules without reasons, giving rules without allowing a response from our children, giving rules without consistency (without repetition), and giving rules without having deep, abiding relationships with our children.

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