Podcast: Solving Common Preschool Behavior Problems

Podcast Solving Common Preschool Behavior ProblemsIn this podcast episode, Donna Reish (author of “Raising Kids With Character Parenting Seminar” and over forty curriculum books and blogger {Character Ink and Language Lady}) answers a reader’s questions about solving common preschool behavior problems.  This episode is  a sequel to last week’s handling of preschoolers who are unusually high need during the day, uncooperative, and somewhat bored. As usual, Donna begins with  two opening thoughts: (1) Taking behaviors (and your handling of them!) from gray to black and white and (2) Helping children learn to take responsibility for their behaviors.

Click here to listen to “Turning “Unusually” High-Need Preschoolers Into the Darling Angels They Were Meant to Be”


Podcast: Five Homeschooling Problems and Solutions

Donna Reish, of Character Ink publishiPodcast - Five Homeschooling Problems & Solutionsng company/homeschool provider, Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, and Language Lady blog/teaching products, answers readers questions about homeschooling problems. Donna gives some potential causes for five common problems and then follows those causes with potential solutions. She also gives links to podcast episodes and blog posts for listeners to learn more. Donna leans on her thirty-plus years of homeschooling experience to discuss these five problem areas: (1) Not finding a schedule that works for your family; (2) Not enough independence in your learners; (3) Littles on the loose; (4) Too much housework/inability to get the “regulars” done; (5) Tweens and teens not doing what is assigned.


Getting Ready for School 2015: Become a Problem Solver!

Getting Ready For School 2015 Be a Problem Solver

I hope your summer is going well so far! Summer is the perfect time to get ready for the next school year, so we are starting a series called Getting Ready for School 2015 in which we will run some oldies (the tried and true tips from thirty-plus years of homeschooling) as well as some fresh, new advice to make this school year great!


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