Three A’s of an A+ Father

Three A's of an A+ Father

Three A’s…..Three Simple Words. But they make all the difference in the world to parenting in general, and fathering specifically.


This late Father’s Day message that my husband and I wrote many years ago is not to discourage single moms—but to help Dads who are in the home to realize the important task they have before them in parenting.


The statistics of children without fathers playing active roles in their lives are gloom ones. According to “The Father Connection,” by Josh McDowell:


How to Become an Amazingly Diligent Mom!

How to Become an Amazingly Diligent Mom

When we watch diligence webinars or attend diligence workshops, we have a tendency to think in terms of how we can teach our kids to be more diligent.

I have written and spoke about this extensively….check out…..


5 Words Your Kids Need to Hear You Say Over & Over

5 Words Your Kids Need to Hear You Say Over and Over 



Affirmation. Words of encouragement. Words of praise. Words of confirmation. Words of affection. Words of pride. Words of belonging. These all describe that one word–affirmation.

I recently read an article about a study of hundreds of college athletes that lasted over three decades. In this article,  “What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent and What Makes a Great One.” these college athletes described two things that are poignant for parents of all children, including non-athletes.


52 Weeks of Talking to Our Kids: Building Relationships

In my 52 Times to Talk, I have recently been discussing the Recipe for Rebellion—and how you can talk to your kids to avoid those “ingredients” that lead to our children rebelling.

52 Weeks of Talking to Our Kids: Building Relationships

Rules Without Relationship is the final ingredient—and probably the most critical of all of the ingredients to avoid. (Of course, without relationship, we as parents have no desire or motivation to try to explain rules, listen to their appeals, or remain consistent in our parenting.) Relationship must be in place in order to keep our children from rebelling against us.


[Video] Toddlers & Bedtime

Welcome to another Wondering Wednesday video episode!

This is a special episode as the question came from a young mama who was a student of mine several years ago in language arts and writing classes. When I get a parenting or homeschooling question from a former student, I run, not walk, to get it answered for them. It brings me such joy to have helped these students with language arts, writing, speech, or debate—and now to help them with parenting.

Wondering Wednesday: Toddlers and Bedtime


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