Love-Hate Relationships With Homeschooling Schedules

The Block Scheduling Solution

When homeschooling moms hear the word “schedule,” they either cringe or celebrate. It seems that there is a division of camps when it comes to scheduling. While those who “celebrate” the schedule might be guilty of micro-managing their children and maybe even putting undue pressure on them, those who ‘cringe” when confronted with the idea of scheduling might suffer from a lack of productivity due to their disdain for schedules.


I have found that you do not have to have a love-hate relationship with schedules, but rather you have to figure out which type of homeschooler you are—one who loves schedules and wants to follow one to the letter or one who doesn’t care for them and would do better with a looser type of schedule that still provides some sense of structure.


If you love schedules, then you will probably do better with a moment-by-moment, or at least hour-by-hour one to guide your day.


Using the Notes App on Your Phone for Grocery Shopping

Using the Notes App On Your Phone for Grocery Shopping

This was definitely me before I started keeping running grocery lists in the NOTES on my phone.

I don’t want fancy grocery apps. I don’t go to several stores a week, etc.I don’t want handfuls of coupons. I just want a quick list with healthy foods on it! 🙂



Wondering Wednesday: Children & Chores

Podcast: Children and Chores

Donna Reish, from Character Ink publishing and Raising Kids With Character, answers parents’ questions about children and chores. Donna introduces some foundational diligence training tips that have helped her in her home management for over twenty-five years. She then introduces toddlers and preschoolers habits and chores and then branches out chore sessions, dividing up chores, paying for chores, and much more!



Five “Timely” Tips

Five Timely Tips

At the end of a recent post “Time in a Bottle”, I promised a Timely Tip article, so here it is!

After thirty-two years of parenting (and thirty years of homeschooling, beginning with homeschooling my younger sister), we have learned a ton abut time management. Some of it we use every day. Other tips were used during certain seasons. And still others we use just occasionally. Here are “Five Timely Tips“ (in no certain order) that I hope will help parents find more time to train their children, love their children, play with their children, and just be WITH their children.


The Secret to a Clean Refrigerator


The secret to a clean refrigerator is FREQUENT attention! That is, the secret is in the frequency with which you deal with said refrigerator.
'The Secret to a Clean Refrigerator' by Donna Reish
A refrigerator is a lot like a toddler. It doesn’t need long, drawn out time periods from us–it just needs lots of little snatches of time! I can remember when my littles especially were toddlers and preschoolers. It was easy to get busy with the olders and not spend as much time on the littles. I made it a point each day to put in my schedule little snatches of time that I would devote to the little guys. A quick story. A little rocking. Getting out something interesting for them to play with or do. Putting Lego heads on their Lego men. Just little snippets of time—but lots of snippets throughout the week!


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