Major and Minor Works Quiz and Answer Key (for Teachers and Parents!)


I’ve been teaching Major and Minor Works in every class and every private writing student meeting for two weeks now–and I feel like a broken record!


(Since I was teaching so much about it, I have provided teaching for my blog readers too—did you see these:

1) Color Essay Video Teaching (lots of detailed instruction on Major and Minor Works in the video AND the free lesson)

2) 5 Tips for Major and Minor Works From Language Lady (Yes, I got carried away and made a slideshow about it too!)

3) Tricky Tricks Download–print these off for your students!)




High School Color Essay–Major Works and Minor Works, Color Words and Phrases, and More! (Teaching Video & Free Lesson!)



Ever wonder how to teach students to write from a source you give them? Do you get confused teaching students about Major Works and Minor Works (when to cap what and how to distinguish majors from minors)? And did you know that color can be an integral part of story writing? If you want to know more about any of those things, watch the video below and follow along with the free lesson I am including! I think you’ll enjoy it. (I loved teaching it!)


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