Wondering Wednesday Podcast: Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Freezer Cooking

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Freezer CookingDonna Reish, author of forty curriculum books for homeschoolers and Christian schools and co-author/co-presenter of “Raising Kids With Character” Parenting Seminar (and blog), brings you a practical episode of Wondering Wednesday! In this week’s episode, Donna answers some of the questions that she is often asked about freezer cooking—with ten questions you want to ask yourself before you begin freezer cooking. Donna gives you insights into freezer cooking by looking at areas such as what stage you want your freezer meals in when you defrost them, what containers can you afford, what types of meals do you want to end up with, and what kind of cook are you. By answering these (and several other) questions, you can be ready to dig in to freezer cooking and get organized for healthy meals for your family.


Wondering Wednesday Podcast: Five Tips To Be More Efficient in the Kitchen

5 Tips To Be More Efficient in the KitchenDonna Reish, author of Meaningful Composition, Character Quality Language Arts, and Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar as well as the Character Ink blog, brings you another episode of Wondering Wednesday. In this episode, Donna answers questions about efficiency in the kitchen. She gives her five top tips for becoming more efficient in the kitchen including:

1. Using a crock pot

2. Having 10 meals that you always have ingredients on hand for


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