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Age Appropriate Chores for Elementary Ages

For complete printable lists of chores your elementary child can do on his own (and another list on chores he can do with help!), click on the links below!

Age Appropriate Chores for Early Elementary Ages

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Click here for colorful, printable chore lists for toddlers through tweens.

If you want more chores, efficiency, and organization help, check out the podcast episodes listed here.

Back-to-School Study Skills: Building Good Habits With Young Students

Time To Study Message Showing Education And Studying

Our children will only develop strong study skills to the degree that they have developed other strong habits and routines.

We had a rule of thumb for when “school” began in our home: When a child learned to obey and do the every day things required of him, he was ready to “do school.” This was not some half-baked theory we had. We knew that if a child could not be counted on to brush his teeth in the morning, he could not be counted on to do hard math problems. If a child did not come when he was called, he would certainly not follow through on his reading assignments when Mom or Dad was not there checking up on every move he made.

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Back-to-School Study Skills: AFTER Textbook Previewing


Once school starts and the textbooks have been previewed, you can help your students get into good study habits by doing their assignments with them for a few weeks as needed.

Here are some tips along those lines:
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