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Age Appropriate Chores for Toddlers

Age Appropriate Chores for Toddlers

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If you want more chores, efficiency, and organization help, check out the podcast episodes listed here.

Don’t Overthink Meal Planning

Don't Overthink Meal Planning!

In a previous podcast episode called Simplified Menu Planning, I encouraged listeners to not overthink meal planning. (You may listen to that episode here.)

In this audio, I described how my original freezer cooking, in which I plugged all of my entrees into categories (based on meat types), led me to look at meal planning in a more simplified way. I made my master list of most of the entrees that I fix under each category, and then I can see what meats are on sale, scan my master entrée list, and choose meals to make.

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Timer + Task List = Productivity

Timer+Task List=Productivity

I talk often about setting a timer for a designated amount of time and getting as much done as a family as you can get done. I also talk a lot on the blog (and in podcast episodes) about various types of lists. A lot of times we use one or the other.
For example, I have always been a task list maker. I have my weekly list, my school schedule lists, my daily list, my project list, and my daily duties.
I also have always used the timer extensively.

However, once I began combining the two, I found my work level increasing greatly and the work level of our children getting better as well.

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“Mama and the Horrible, Terrible, Not-So-Great First Day”

“Mama and the Horrible, Terrible, Not-So-Great First Day”


The first day was a bust. The first week was less glamorous, productive, and family-unifying than you envisioned it. So what is the natural reaction to that?

The natural reaction is to doubt. Doubt that God called you to this. Doubt that you can do it—regardless of the calling. Doubt that you are the best teacher for your children. Wowsie, even doubt that you are a good parent at all!

But how does God want us to react to less than perfect beginnings? Knowing the character of God—merciful, wisdom, loving, kind, instructive—we can know that there are probably two reactions that God would have us ponder:

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Ten Ways to Help Your Family Get Things Done FAST: Focus on Horizontal Surfaces

10 Ways to Get Things Done FAST - 2. Focus on Horizontal Surfaces

We have a saying in our family that goes something like this: Don’t clean anything. Don’t scrub anything. Don’t mop anything. Just focus on horizontal surfaces.


My husband is not a stickler when it comes to cleaning. As a matter of fact, he would seldom notice if something is dusted, vacuumed, or scrubbed. However, he is very sensitive to clutter (which was very unfortunate for him when we had nine people living in fourteen hundred square feet for twelve years!).

It is for this reason that during any cleaning blitz or cleaning time at all, he is often found shouting out the command to focus on horizontal surfaces.

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Getting Ready For School 2015: Become More Efficient in Your Kitchen


Getting Ready for School 2015 - Become More Efficient in Your Kitchen


I have been doing some podcast episodes about efficiency in the kitchen and freezer cooking. I wanted to have this as part of our back-to-school 2015 series, but I knew that auditory presentations would work better.

There are many things in the summer that you can do to set your kitchen up so that you can work more efficiently during the school year thus giving you more time for homeschooling, school activities, and heart training.

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Wondering Wednesday Podcast: Five Tips To Be More Efficient in the Kitchen

5 Tips To Be More Efficient in the KitchenDonna Reish, author of Meaningful Composition, Character Quality Language Arts, and Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar as well as the Character Ink blog, brings you another episode of Wondering Wednesday. In this episode, Donna answers questions about efficiency in the kitchen. She gives her five top tips for becoming more efficient in the kitchen including:

1. Using a crock pot

2. Having 10 meals that you always have ingredients on hand for

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Wondering Wednesday: Tips for Efficiency

Podcast: Tips for Efficiency

Donna Reish, of Character Ink Publishing and Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, continues her answers to questions about “getting it all done” in this follow up to last week’s “Foundations for Becoming an Efficiency Expert.” In this episode, Donna answers questions about to do lists (which ones are the most valuable and which ones are just lists that we easily forget or give up on), procrastination, overwhelming situations, and more.


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Wondering Wednesday: Foundations for Becoming an Efficiency Expert in Your Home


Foundations for Becoming an Efficiency Expert in Your HomeIn this episode, Donna Reish (author, editing, and teacher at Character Ink Publishing Company and Raising Kids With Character Parenting Seminar) answers foundational questions about becoming more efficient at home, work, and school. Donna lays the groundwork for next week’s episode (“Efficiency Tips”) by introducing three major aspects that are foundational to becoming efficient: narrowing your focus/not trying to do too many things (i.e. NOT becoming a “Jane of all trades”!), giving up perfectionism, and truly working hard (with two benchmarks to measure your work output). She includes interesting research by Malcom Gladwell (author of “Outliers” and many other books about people, research, and success) about how one becomes an “expert”—and applies this research to parenting as well as becoming outstanding in your areas.

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Baking Bacon

Baking Bacon

In my convection oven with three racks, three pounds of bacon can be fully cooked drained and ready to eat in under thirty minutes.

After thirty years of homemaking (a few years ago), I finally hit upon the best, easiest, cleanest, least-time-consuming (in actual work time) way to make bacon: bake it!

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