Video: How to Use the Consequence Pies

Video: How to Use Consequence Pies

I continue to have technical difficulties with YouTube. I have recorded the Wondering Wednesday video “The Four D’s of Behavior” three times now (the past three weeks), and it still isn’t able to be fully uploaded.

I keep trying because I am starting to think it is really needed with all the problems!

So again, I give you a “re-run.”


Podcast Notes: Character Training Routine Behaviors (With The Consequence Pie)

Character Training With Routine Behaviors (The Consequence Pie)

playListen to the podcast here!




1) Kevin Leman’s book Making Kids Mind Without Losing Yours—introduction to Reality Discipline
2) Link responsibility with privilege—get the responsibility level up to the ability level. (Read “The One Parenting Practice That Changes Everything.”)



Four D’s vs. Character Training

1. Be sure you understand the Four D’s of Behavior—the seriousness of them, the effect that they have on a child’s future relationships/life, the difference in handling them compared to character/routine training. (Listen to The Four D’s of Behavior; listen to Dealing With Heart Issues of Tweens.)


Podcast: Character Training With Routine Behaviors (With The Consequence Pie)

Podcast: Character Training With Routine Behaviors (The Consequence Pie) Donna Reish, of Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, Character Ink Press, and Language Lady, brings you another episode of Wondering Wednesday podcast about tweens (though it certainly can apply to elementary kids and teens too!). In the following up to her Four D’s of Behavior and Dealing With Heart Issues of Tweens, Donna explains the difference between Four D’s discipline and Character Training/Routine Behaviors consequences. She then gives a systematic order to be sure that you, as the parent, are doing all that you can to help your child succeed in whatever areas you are having problems (not finishing work, unclean room, dilly dallying, etc.). She explains Kevin Leman’s Reality Discipline and teaches how to apply this to character/routine behaviors. Finally, she gives some solutions to these behaviors, including RKWC Consequence Pies in which the child helps choose the consequences and these consequences are carried out in a black and white (no gray area!) manner that the child knows is coming.


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