Character Ink Product Focus: Meaningful Composition 10 II

Character Ink Product Focus: Meaningful Composition 10-II

We have a lot of new books coming out this spring! And we would love to introduce them to you in this space! And we would really love for you to click on the Projects Contained, Tables of Contents, Samples, etc., to check them out and see if they are what your homeschool needs next year to get your kids writing—and writing well.

This book uses our simplified research method: Color-Coded Research and Outlining.

This week we bring to you one of our new high school books, MC 10 II: Four Research Reports. This book has been tested with dozens of students over the past three years—and has passed our inspection with flying colors. (Okay, it passed after three years of rewrites and edits and quite literally fifty hours-plus spent by yours truly on the quotation citation portions alone!)


The “Overview Source Method” for Research Report Writing


The Overview Source Method for Research Report Writing


In my curriculum books (Character Quality Language Arts, a complete Christian language arts program for grades two through twelve, and Meaningful Composition, composition books for grades two through twelve), I teach an approach to research called “The Overview Source Method.”


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