Podcast Roundup: Chores & More

Podcast Roundup: Chores & More

Welcome to another Wondering Wednesday!

Because we are swamped writing and editing our new Peter Pan and Jungle Book writing books. And because we have had a lot of great posts, freebies, etc., about chores, I thought I would do a sort of round up for you today of podcasts that might help you with chores, schedules, home management, and more!

So here you go....


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Podcast: How Can I Turn My Day From Chaos to Control? From Rowdy to Routine?

Podcast: How Can I Turn My Day From Chaos to Control? From Rowdy to Routine?Donna Reish, author of Meaningful Composition, Character Quality Language Arts, Character Ink blog, and Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, brings you another episode of Wondering Wednesday. This week Donna answers a homeschooling mother’s questions about turning her day into one of routine and control rather than rowdiness and chaos. Donna gives her two important tips—think baby steps and consider how you will get better and better at home management through the years. Then she delves into things to consider for you personally—situations and scenarios that affect your day and follows that with a systematic order for managing your school day. Finally, she leaves listeners with lots of tips for morning routines, chore schedules, tutoring blocks, and more—along with tons of links from previous podcast episodes and blog posts!


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