Major and Minor Works Quiz and Answer Key (for Teachers and Parents!)


I’ve been teaching Major and Minor Works in every class and every private writing student meeting for two weeks now–and I feel like a broken record!


(Since I was teaching so much about it, I have provided teaching for my blog readers too—did you see these:

1) Color Essay Video Teaching (lots of detailed instruction on Major and Minor Works in the video AND the free lesson)

2) 5 Tips for Major and Minor Works From Language Lady (Yes, I got carried away and made a slideshow about it too!)

3) Tricky Tricks Download–print these off for your students!)




Punctuation Puzzle – Capitalization & Items in a Series With Alice in Wonderland

By Donna Reish & Zac Kieser


This week’s Punctuation Puzzle has to do with capitalizing references to people and commas with a series of three or more. The latter causes much confusion (and is covered, in part, in a recent LL slideshow, “5 Tips for Coordinating Conjunctions”). Moreover, the series of three or more is further confused with the great Oxford Comma debate.



Spelling Lesson: Independence Day

Spelling Lesson: Independence Day

The capitalization of this holiday isn’t the grammar/writing issue. It’s the spelling!

Of course, like any other holiday, both words are capitalized:

Independence Day

Or if written with the informal name: July 4th.


COMMA CLUES #3: Greeting and Closing of Letter

Comma Clues #3 Greeting and Closing of Letter

Letter writing might seem like a bygone tradition. And while it is true that emails, texts, FB messages, Snap Chats, and more have greatly reduced the number of “formal letters,” we still want to know how to use commas in writing them—and maybe by gaining confidence in our letter-writing-comma-skills, we will write letters more often.


Capitalization of Flowers

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

 For flower lovers and grammar lovers, here is some vital info on capitalizing names of flowers:

1. Do NOT capitalize names of flowers that do not already contain proper noun elements: 

                a. roses
                b. geraniums
                c. daffodils

2. DO capitalize any part of :

               a.  black-eyed Susan
               b. African daisy.

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