Video: The Four D’s of Behavior Poster Pack

Video: How to Use 4D's of Behavior

I have been trying and trying to get this Wondering Wednesday video up. I taped it three times, and I just got the file to upload!

This (along with the Character Pies video and charts) is such an important concept in parenting that I really hope I can find creative ways to get this information out to young families even more! (We will for sure be discussing this in our “”Tweens and Teens: Major on the Majors” workshop in Kelona, British Columbia in three weeks!)


Podcast: Dealing With Heart Issues of Tweens

Podcast: Dealing With Heart Issues of TweensDonna Reish, of Raising Kids With Character, Homeschooling With Character, and Character Ink publishing, answers questions readers have been posing about handling 4 D types of behaviors (heart behaviors) in children ages eight to fourteen or so (primarily tweens). Donna emphasizes the need for parents to take responsibility for their parenting mistakes first. Then focus on taking the behaviors from gray to black & white so that misbehaviors are clear and can be handled. She gives an important order/protocol to make things very black and white with this age group for three typical misbehaviors, disrespect, disobedience, and fighting. Additionally, she gives suggested signaling words and phrases to use when these behaviors come up so that things are crystal clear as to the family expectations and handling of these things. (Listen to the prequel to this podcast episode, “Understanding The Four D’s of Behavior.”) Subscribe to Character Ink! in iTunes



Podcast Handout for “Solving Common Preschool Behavior Problems”

Solving Common Preschool Behavior Problems

Download the blog post as a PDF here!


Two Most Important Points for Daily Occurrence Problems

(1) ALWAYS move from gray to black and white

(2) ALWAYS make it their choice to disobey or do something to make them take ownership of the behaviors



Beyond Structure and Routine—Solutions to Common Preschool Problems During the Day

(1) Napping/Bed/No Quiet Time

(2) Fighting (more…)

Podcast: Solving Common Preschool Behavior Problems

Podcast Solving Common Preschool Behavior ProblemsIn this podcast episode, Donna Reish (author of “Raising Kids With Character Parenting Seminar” and over forty curriculum books and blogger {Character Ink and Language Lady}) answers a reader’s questions about solving common preschool behavior problems.  This episode is  a sequel to last week’s handling of preschoolers who are unusually high need during the day, uncooperative, and somewhat bored. As usual, Donna begins with  two opening thoughts: (1) Taking behaviors (and your handling of them!) from gray to black and white and (2) Helping children learn to take responsibility for their behaviors.

Click here to listen to “Turning “Unusually” High-Need Preschoolers Into the Darling Angels They Were Meant to Be”


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