Two Coloring Book Readers: Mowgli and/or Beauty and the Beast


When my kids were little, we didn’t have electronics, etc. (except for our beloved GeoSafari and MathSafari!), so gift giving was a little simpler. We did, however, give a balance of educational items and fun items (just like I am doing with my grandbabies!). Our kids loved school and learning, so they looked forward to getting “school” things for Christmas besides the many wonderful toys we got them–for the most part. We had a couple who didn’t love school as much as the others (though we still had high expectations for them!), so I understand the need to make learning more fun for some kiddos! Enter my two readers/coloring books. I am excited about these print books (available from Amazon) as they have the fun of exciting, well-known stories and coloring pages AND text that can be used for reading aloud to the child or as a reader for them.


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Writing Boxes: Beauty & the Beast [Video]

Writing Boxes: Beauty & the Beast

Writing ideas. Writing prompts. Writing suggestions.

These are the things that cause children who do not know *how* to write to hate writing.

And it is often what we do to kids in an effort to get the writing. But they do not work for these kinds of kids.

So what works?


Beauty and the Beast Preposition Practice (New Digital Product!)

Beauty and the Beast Preposition Practice [with preview video!]

I am so excited about my new preposition book! (Yes, I get super excited about grammar!)

And I’m doubly excited that you (our subscribers!) get to see it and use it first—for FREE! (Subscribe here to get it for free for a limited time!)

The best way to introduce you to this fun, effective book is to leave you with the store description! So here you go…..


Write On, Beauty and Beast III Up at Stores!

Write On, Beauty and Beast III Up at Stores!


It’s finally happening! I am finished with the Write On, Beauty and Beast books (five books; five levels; downloadable AND print books)—and they are going up at my stores!


Yay! That makes five Write On, Mowgli! books; five Write On, Beauty and Beast! books (by the end of next week); and two Write On, Peter Pan! books (with the other three coming the first of April). Check out the description of the Write On! books here.


The first one available is the Junior High book, and I love it! I have been testing the assignments with our one hundred cottage class students over the past two semesters, and it has been a blast!


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