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Think Fast Grammar Quiz Answer Key

Think Fast Grammar Quiz Answer Key

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If you have a newer edition of CQLA, you likely have weekly quizzes called “Think Fast Grammar Quiz.” When we created these, we originally thought that parents would use the Grammar Cards (available in Level B and C books and in the Teacher’s Guide) to grade their students’ quizzes.

Then we began teaching/testing the editions that contain these quizzes and discovered that it wasn’t as easy as we had previously thought to just use the Grammar Cards to check the quizzes–and to help your student categorize and study the grammar words.

So we created the document below to be used both as an Answer Key as well as a study guide for the Think Fast Grammar Quiz. It will be in a future edition of the Teacher’s Guide, and when our new website is done this fall, it will be available there as well. In the meantime, we are emailing the document to anyone who calls or emails us asking for it–and we are putting it here at the blog in the hopes that word will get out and parents will find it.

We use it to grade our testing students’ quizzes, but we also use it in the following way:

1. We have the student fill in as much of each part of the quiz as he or she can—then highlight the line in which he left off on his own. Then we have him look in the AK to find more and finish filling in the lines with the ones from the AK. This shows us what he already knows and what he had to look up, but it also helps him to learn more of them by writing them out as he looks them up in the AK.

2. We also assign portions of the AK for homework. For example, we will have all students study the section in the AK that has opposite prepositions or prepositions that begin with B, etc. This makes the AK into a sort of Study Guide for the student and has really helped them learn the words in categories as opposed to long lists of them.

Please share this post with fellow CQLA users so that we can get the word out that there is a lengthy, detailed, helpful Answer Key for the Think Fast Grammar Quiz! 😉

Character Ink Class Additions for Tuesdays in Fort Wayne–Fall Semester 2013

Character Ink (formerly Training for Triumph) will be adding another day of classes in Fort Wayne if there is enough interest in the classes being offered.
Classes will be held for the first semester of this school year (with the potential of another set of offerings for the second semester) at First Assembly of God on Washington Center Road on Tuesdays. Please contact us quickly if you are interested in these classes. (Call Ray at 260-597-7415 or 260-450-7063. He will call you back quickly.)
Students will be invoiced monthly and will receive their first invoice on the first class day.
Note that a couple of these classes are also offered on Mondays at First Assembly, so if you would like to change to Tuesdays, contact us immediately, so we can be sure we have enough students for both days for those classes. 

TUESDAY Class Offerings at First Assembly
8:30-10:00 General Composition (a “remediation” type course for junior high and high school, though we will not call it that…it will be called General Composition). 7th through 12th grade students who have not written a lot of six paragraph plus essays and reports. We will use our Jump Start comp book for these grades, and students will move from a couple of paragraphs to many paragraphs quickly with step-by-step help. Cost is $10 per week and $32 for the book for the semester.
10:00-11:30 High School Essay/SAT Essay. We will begin with expository essays and five paragraph non-timed essays and move into all of the intricacies of writing a timed essay (whether for the SAT/ACT or for contests or college admissions). This class is for 9th through 12th graders who have already written essays, research reports, and stories in other contexts. We will use Donna and Joshua’s new 350-page book, “The SAT Essay and Other Timed Writing.” Cost is $10 per week and $32 for the book for the semester.
11:30-2:30 Junior High and High School Speech and Debate. This class is a three hour course that teaches both public speaking and debate. Students love this class and come out able to speak in many contexts with ease. It is fun, fast-paced, and filled with opportunities to speak before the group, starting out with “things you know.” This is our longest-running class. We have literally taught hundreds of kids in FW to give speeches, do research for debate, and debate. This class is for twelve year olds through seniors in high school. Cost is only $10 per week and $25 for the non-consumable book (which students in the same family may share).
2:30-4:00 Ancient History. This class has been extremely popular down in our learning center near Ossian as well as in our second semester Leo/Grabill classes! Taught by Joshua Reish, who tested out of his entire history degree except for two classes for which there were no test available, this class has hundreds of teaching slides that engage students in each time period and event of history. Your student will learn and love history after hearing and seeing Joshua’s love for it! This is for seventh through twelfth graders who can read at a high school level and may be counted towards one semester of World History. (The second semester of this class, though not mandatory, will be offered in Leo and Ossian during the winter.) Cost is reduced in order to build up students in our history courses in FW for the first time: $6 per week and $6/month for handouts. (No book is needed as Joshua writes all of his own materials and gives these throughout the semester.)
Also, please note that we have a little space in a few classes on other days/locations:
MONDAYS at First Assembly: 
CQLA Level B (11:00-1:30)
CQLA Level A (11:00 – 1:30)
Literature for high school  (12:30 – 2:00)
WEDNESDAYS near Ossian:  
CQLA Level A (12:00 – 1:30)
Literature for high school  (1:30-3:00)
High School/SAT Essay (10:30-12:00)
Biology (10:30 – 12:00)
Ancient History (3:00 – 4:30)
Monday and Wednesday registration forms and schedules are available at
Character Ink Updates May 1, 2013

Character Ink Updates May 1, 2013

We have a lot of announcements here at Training for Triumph, um, I mean, Character Ink! So many that I will enumerate them for you!

1. First off, our name change: As of this spring, we will be changing from Training for Triumph to Character Ink! We feel that the new name more represents what we are about–publishing materials with a character base, including our Christian parenting seminar (which is also getting a name change!).

2. Rather than having a lengthy monthly (or quarterly in the case of the last few months!) newsletter, we are changing to quick weekly updates (like this one!). These will include announcements (like our March sale is starting this week! and our next parenting seminar is in Bluffton, IN this weekend!), as well as recent articles, posts, and thoughts from our blogs and FaceBook pages.

3. Our Christian parenting seminar is also getting a name change: Raising Kids With Character (RKWC)! The blog (Positive Parenting 365) will soon get this new name, as will the upcoming book that goes along with the seminar.

RKWC is a Christian parenting seminar that starts out with the Five W’s and H of Character Training, then moves into Parenting Paradigms (how what you believe about parenting affects how you parent), then into Essentials of Parenting With Character (explanations, priorities, time, commuication, and more). Then comes the fun part: character qualities, one by one, and tips and tricks on instilling these in your children. It is for parents of kids ages birth to twelve or so. (A follow up seminar is in the works–Raising Tweens and Teens With Character!) We have had several opportunities to present the seminar (and improve it!) over the past two years in our area, and we would love to bring it to your church, small group, homeschool group, etc. It is not homeschool specific, so it is a good opportunitiy for homeschoolers to serve their church in general by offering it. Give us a call for more info–and watch these weekly updates!

4. We have several avenues to reach us now:
a. Our website (free samples of our curriculum and more!):
b. Character Ink blog–just starting this to put homeschooling articles and newsletters up–
c. Character Ink FaceBook page:!/characterinkcompany
d. Raising Kids With Character blog (still old name):
e. Raising Kids With Character FaceBook page (still old name):!/charactertrainingfromtheheart
f. Language Lady blog–daily language arts, grammar, and writing tips for teachers, students, parents, and professionals:
g. Language Lady FaceBook page:!/languagelady365

LIKE us, follow us….we appreciate it!

Donna Reish

P.S. All of our blog posts are linked each time on the FB pages, so if you follow the FB pages, you won’t miss the blog posts, articles, updates, etc.!

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