Product Highlight: Meaningful Composition 5-I Writing for Real

We made it! All twenty-one of the Meaningful Composition books are done! I wrote a few of them ten years ago, but over the past three years, I have written and/or revised all twenty-one books! Whooo….I’m tired! 🙂 But super excited!!!

Product Highlight: MC 5-I Writing for Real

Students everywhere (including public and private school students who can use the downloaded portions of MC, called Really Writing) can learn to write ALL types of writing (reports, essays, stories, dialogues, twice-told tales, and much, much more!) using my Directed Writing Approach—a pain-free, step-by-step approach to learning to write. I love kids—and I am so happy that kids will be able to learn with stress-free, amazing instruction and projects.

Meaningful Composition 5-I: Writing for Real


A Writing Tip for Fifth Grade

A Writing Tip for Every Year Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade: Teach students that a paragraph is a unit of thought.

Paragraph division is a difficult concept for students, especially when you don’t teach a paragraph as a unit of thought early on. This week’s tip teaches my strategy for making sure that kids beginning with their very first paragraph understand that a paragraph is a unit of thought.

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