Private Tutoring by Character Ink 2017

Ray and Donna Reish Private Tutoring Offerings (Character Ink Press)

My husband and I are expanding our tutoring offerings for the summer (and adding our daughter-in-law!)

What (Donna): Private tutoring in complete language arts for grades two through twelve; reading/phonics/comprehension for young readers/struggling readers; writing (all grades including persuasive essays and research reports for college-bound kids!).


What (Ray): All high school sciences (including labs); math up through Algebra II and Geometry (including elementary and middle school); economics, accounting, etc.


What (Maelynn): Elementary teacher, Maelynn Reish, is also offering reading, language arts, and math for all grades—and she can come to you! OR you can sign up for a language arts or writing and math double hour with Donna and Maelynn (call early for this arrangement!).


How: We can either do “help” with subjects that the student is already doing or we can take the student through a semester (or year if continuing into the school year) of a subject in a private or small group setting (i.e. a semester of research report writing or a year of chemistry over a year).


Where: Mostly our home in SW Fort Wayne (near Homestead High School), but Ray also teaches in Bluffton during his lunch hour or before/after work (in library or at his plant).
Donna is also offering one or two Live Video sessions for private tutoring in writing and/or language arts this summer—so contact her quickly for this option!


When: Donna has two days a week set aside for summer private students and/or small groups (see below); I can also do an evening or Saturday when needed.
Ray teaches during the day in Bluffton and evenings (starting at 4:00) and Saturdays in our home.

Materials: Donna uses mostly the books she has written with some other reading materials thrown in; Ray uses Apologia for his science classes and Teaching Textbooks for math small groups; both will use whatever you are using for “supplemental” tutoring; Maelynn will use our books or yours!


Character Ink Summer Cottage Classes2


Small Group Classes by Donna This Summer*:


9:00-10:15—Remedial Writing for Junior High and High School

10:15-11:30— Language Arts for Elementary and Middle School Students (CQLA Level A)

11:30 to 1:30—Private Tutoring Slots

1:30-2:30—Junior High and High School Creative Writing OR High School Essay (based on interest)

2:30 to 5:30—Private Tutoring Slots

*We can arrange for double math and language arts/writing hours with Donna and Maelynn if you contact us early!


Price: Private Tutoring Sessions—

  • $28 per hour for once a week; $21 per forty-five minutes once a week (for younger kids)
  • $25 per hour for twice a week; $21 per forty-five minutes for twice a week meetings
  • Summer Classes—$10 per session (must commit to five out of a six week session) plus materials



Expectations: Summer homework is half that of the academic year, but there is still 90 minutes of homework per week for classes

Contact Info: Email, call, text, or FB message! 260-433-4365





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