Sticky Notes = The Road to Success

Imagery. Word association. Similes. Metaphors. Word pictures.

How we teachers all want our students to write with all of those stylistic elements!

Last spring a couple of my son’s students got creative with an assignment to write about a physical thing in the room using stylistic elements that they had been taught that semester.

Imagine our delight when they wrote their imagery-filled paragraph about our beloved “sticky notes,” those little post-its that all Character Ink Cottage Class students mark their homework for the upcoming week. I think you will like it too–

Sticky Notes = The Road to Success

“Sticky-note time! Sticky-note time! Everybody loves it when it’s sticky-note time.” Half a pack gone in only sixty minutes. Hundreds of traffic lights stopping the lives of children. Red lights signaling imaginations to pause, to think fast. One by one, sticky-notes disappear. One by one red changes to green. Our brains speed forward: assignments complete. We get over potholes. The interstate is smoother. Sticky-notes thrown off, fall like confetti; land marks to success.




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