Raising Kids With Character Parenting Seminar by Ray & Donna Reish

It’s that time of year already! That time when we start considering where and how often we will travel to speak in the spring and summer. We haven’t been traveling as much the past few years as we have been working hard to first of all revise Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA) (finished four years ago) and now to revise and complete the entire series of Meaningful Composition. These two projects have been super expensive and time consuming and left few resources or energy for a lot of traveling and speaking.


We are hoping to get back out there more in 2016, and we would love to come to your area with our Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar. This seminar is flexible and has been widely received! We love helping parents with parenting—and this seminar lets us do that on a larger scale.

RKWC Seminar Schedule

Here are some details for you:

1. The seminar can be sponsored by a church, Sunday school, small group, community, homeschool group, etc. It is for any Christian group who wants to learn about character-focused parenting from birth to tweens. (See our tween and teen workshop list here.)

2. It is flexible. We can accommodate most schedules, including a shorter seminar (Friday night and Saturday morning) or a longer one (Friday night and all day Saturday) or even an extended one if Moms would like to do some efficiency, organizing, or “baby/toddler” things during the day on Friday (my personal favorite because arrangement I get to talk to more moms!).

Raising Kids With Character Friday Night Sample Seminar

3. It is inexpensive. This is our ministry. Our book sales and cottage classes are for-profit, but these seminars are our “mission field.” We don’t need to make money—we just need to be able to pay our expenses and sell some of our products on tables. Easy peasy. That means that parents will not have to pay a lot to attend (though we do recommend charging something so parents commit to it).

4. The registrations can be set up in multiple ways: (1) Your group can handle the registrations and pay our expenses with your “per person” charge; (2) We can handle the registrations fully on our end; (3) Your group can handle the registrations but scholarship your people and have your group pay our expenses.

5. We are always asked about a minimum number of attendees. We love to speak to hundreds at homeschool conventions, and we would love to get our parenting messages out there to hundreds as well. However, we can usually hold a seminar for as few as thirty attendees.

Here are a few scenarios (though you can take a look at our full workshop list if you would like for us to add something, come an extra day or two, or substitute something)

(Session descriptions are found here, along with potential schedules.)


Raising Kids With Character Saturday Morning Seminar Sample

To set up a seminar,  contact us here!





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