Ray and Donna Reish

Ray and Donna Reish, directors and founders of Character Ink, write, speak, and teach at their “cottage classes” to test Donna’s books, parenting seminars, small groups, and homeschooling workshops.

Ray and Donna Reish are the homeschooling parents of seven children, ages sixteen to thirty-two. They began homeschooling over thirty years ago by teaching Donna’s younger sister at home during her junior high years then continued living the homeschooling life by homeschooling all of their own children for all of their school years.


Donna has written over fifty curriculum books for two publishers over the past twelve years, including, among others,  “Character Quality Language Arts,” “Meaningful Composition,” and “Really Writing” (ebooks for private, public, and homeschools). Additionally, the couple has written a homeschooling book titled “The Well-Trained Heart.” Donna has recently co-authored an ebook with Kathie Morrissey titled “Sixty Homeschooling Tips From Sixty Years.”


The Reishes own and operate a homeschooling publishing company and cottage class provider, Character Ink; Christian parenting ministry/seminar, “Raising Kids With Character”; and Character Ink blog (with Character Ink, Homeschooling, Raising Kids With Character, Organization and Efficiency, The Low Carb Fam, and Language Lady pages!).  An arm of their Character Ink company also operates a local “cottage class” service in which they provide weekly classes for over two hundred homeschooled students in language arts, high school sciences and social sciences, composition, and much more.


Ray and Donna have graduated six students  who are involved in occupations, ministries, and marriages that exemplify the relational, character-based parenting and homeschooling approach that they were raised with. The couple lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana where they  test their homeschool curricula with over one hundred students every year, blog about parenting and language arts, write and publish books for homeschoolers, spend tons of time with all seven of their kids, and help homeschoolers and parents in their area in any way they can.



Ray and Donna can be found several places! Contact them to set up a seminar, book convention speakers, or learn more about CI materials or parenting seminar/workshops:

Character Ink website: character-ink.com

Character Ink blog: https://characterinkblog.com/

Character Ink FB page: https://www.facebook.com/characterinkcompany

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/characterinkhs/

Language Lady Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/languagelady365

Email Character Ink: characterink@gmail.com

Email Donna: characterinklady@gmail.com

Phone: 260-450-7063









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