Q&A Morning Routines, Chores & More!

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You’ve heard the speaker tell about how to improve your day. You’ve taken detailed notes. You feel empowered—even optimistic.

Morning Routines & Chores

Then you get home and start to make the charts, create the checklists, and hold the family meeting…and you suddenly have questions. A lot of questions….

Wowsie, I remember those days twenty-five and thirty years ago…like yesterday. (I’m so grateful that I remember so many happy memories associated with our thirty-two years of homeschooling!)

Well, this post is for those times. I recently did a 32 Scheduling Tips From 32 Years of Homeschooling presentation. Afterwards, I received emails and FB messages with those nagging questions that mamas get when they are going home and trying to implement something they just learned…

So consider this the follow up to the speaker that you heard and got so excited about. We all need that sometimes! 🙂

Love and hope,

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