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Welcome to Wondering Wednesday, a podcast by Donna Reish where she answers readers' questions about homeschooling, home management, child training, and more!  Have a question for Donna?  Email her at characterinklady@gmail.com.

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[Video] 32 Organizing and Scheduling Tips From  32 Years of Homeschoolingfb



Creating A Love for Learning in Littles


Podcast: 30 Tips from 30 Years of Homeschooling

Podcast: Teaching Language Arts Across All Grades

Video: How to Use Consequence Pies

Podcast: Part 1 Trip Tips to Planning the Perfect and Money Saving Disney World Vacation

Podcast: Ways To Spend More Time With Your Kids

Podcast: How to Utilize Room Time With Toddlers & Preschoolers

Podcast: Teens-The Recipe for Rebellion and the Ingredients for Intimacy

The 4 D's of Behavior

Podcast: Simplified Meal Planning

For Fathers: Three Connecting Times to Make Your Wife Feel Secure

5 Tips To Be More Efficient in the Kitchen

Tips for Efficiency

Podcast: How to Implement Cycle Cooking for Freezer Entrees and Starters

Summer Reading Help for Young Students

What To Do With A Wonderful One Year Old Part 1

Podcast: Using Audios With Children

Podcast: No Response Rule (Backtalking)

[Video] Helping Your Child With Reading Difficulties

Video: How to Use the Preposition Practice Packet

[Video] Five Tips for Avoiding The Terrible Twos


Video: How to Use 4D's of Behavior

Using Various Styles of Charts for Independent Work Lists

Podcast Part II - Trip Tips to Planning the Perfect & Money Saving Disney Vacation

Podcast: Using Your Planner to Get More Done

Podcast: CLEP Testing for College Credit and/or a College Degree

Podcast: Overcoming Obstacles in Parenting

Podcast: Character Training With Routine Behaviors (The Consequence Pie)

Turning “Unusually” High-Need Preschoolers Into the Darling Angels They Were Meant to Be

Podcast How Do I Get My Chldren to See Work at Home in a Positive Light

Podcast - Five Homeschooling Problems & Solutions

Podcast: How Can I Turn My Day From Chaos to Control? From Rowdy to Routine?

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Freezer Cooking

Podcast: What To Do About Toddler Trouble

What To Do With A Wonderful One Year Old Part II

Podcast: Terms and Concepts from the RKWC Parenting Seminar

[Video] Wondering Wednesday: Scheduling Q&A

How to Use The Checklist Challenge


[Podcast] Creating a Love for Learning

Video: How to Use Handling Heart Behaviors Poster Pack

Podcast: Daily Duties--Independent Work Lists for All Ages

Podcast: Age Appropriate Chores

Podcast - Christmas With College and Adult Children

Podcast College & Young Adult Kids Living At Home

Podcast:  Tips for Staying Close During Intense Training Times

Podcast: Dealing With Heart Issues of Tweens

Podcast Solving Common Preschool Behavior Problems

Podcast: How Do I Know When to Give Chances and When to Take Action: When To Give Our Kids A Mulligan

What Should I Do With a Kindergartener?

How Do I Prepare My Child to Learn to Read?

Foundations for Becoming an Efficiency Expert in Your Home

Podcast: Children and Chores

Podcast: Character Ink Cottage Classes

Podcast: Story Time Questions


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