Podcast Notes for: Daily Duties--Independent Work Lists for All Ages

General Tips

1. Decisions about what to include in list
2. Decisions about what type of chart or printable
3. Explain to child that this is his daily accountability
4. Reinforce that school is his occupation
5. Daytime is for learning and working; evenings are for family and fun
6. Expectation Explanation: nothing else until list is done
7. Keep charts updated and ready
8. Enlist husband’s help
9. Be sure it really is an independent list
10. Inspect what you expect.


Elementary (or Before!)

1. May start early
2. Chart or clip boards?
3. Wipe and write board or permanent?
4. Moveable or markable?
5. Order
   a. Of importance?
   b. Time of day?
   c. Sections/by subject?

6. Generic wording when needed (30 mins…)
7. All extra school too
8. Other things in his day (chores, music, etc.)?
9. Time to turn it in
10. How often to check on it


Junior High and High School

1. Document changes as he grows
   a. Fill in as he goes?
   b. Planner?
   c. Standard independent work list?
2. Create together?
3. Elements from earlier
   a. School is his occupation
   b. Section/order of importance
   c. Clipboards
   d. No exceptions
4. Blanks for seasonal things
5. Non dailies
6. Smaller chunks and more frequent reporting for junior high kids or less independent high schoolers
7. All things on it
8. Time slots/start time and finish time?


See E-Book “Daily Duties: Independent Check Sheets for Students” for more ideas as well as for several types of charts that you can print off and use.

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Podcast: Daily Duties--Independent Work Lists for All Ages



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