Podcast Notes for Christmas With College and Adult Children

1. Which Traditions to Continue

A. Find out from children

i. Joshua’s first Christmas married
ii. Kayla flying home

B. Our “always” ones

i. Christmas decorating night
ii. Our own “Christmas Eve”
iii. Our own “Christmas Day”



2. The In-Laws-First Christmas


3. Part Or All Involved

A. Invitation vs. Obligation

B. Some we still do with part of the family

i. Christmas stories
ii. Christmas movies (“White Christmas Night”)
iii. Family Christmas outing
iv. Movie theater on Christmas night


4. Family Unity With College & Adult Children at Christmas

1. Continue with past traditions that bind your family together
2. Consider a sibling gift exchange
3. Consider a group gift
4. Make kids’ favorite foods
5. Reminisce
6. Do some things you have always done
7. Play group games
8. Make new members feel welcome


5. Our Christmas Day

A. Traditions
B. Gift Ideas
C. Food



Christmas With College & Adult Children Series:


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