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Learn When to Use Who/Whom With Language Lady!


Learn When To Use Who or Whom with Language Lady


The who/whom question is a tricky one. Out of all “pronouns” (some grammarians call who/whom pronouns; some call them subordinators; some call them…who knows…grammar is so subjective!)…anyway, out of all pronouns, who/whom is the trickiest to use correctly because it simply doesn’t sound as “wrong.” (We all know that you don’t say “Her is coming over later!”) Stick with Language Lady—and I’ll give you a tip for every usage problem you encounter (okay, maybe not every one…but I’ll sure try!)

Part of it sounds easy:

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Character Ink Cottage Classes Fall 2017-Winter 2018!

2017 Character Ink Cottage Classes


Most local students have heard the sad news that Joshua is no longer teaching with us at Character Ink. He stewed about the decision for weeks, but he has decided to take on more responsibilities and year-round work with the paint company that he has been working for twenty years at least part time/summers, etc. (since he was fourteen!). We are so sad that we will not be teaching together, but we are happily spending more family time with him than ever before with his extra free time. (He used to be tied up most evenings preparing for classes—he was truly the most dedicated teacher I have ever seen!)


And while we’re on sad/happy announcements, Jonathan will also be leaving our cottage classes as he has just accepted his first pastorate in Fort Wayne, Indiana. These two teacher losses have resulted in no social sciences (except for Economics by Ray), literature, Greek, and some specialty writing classes. Donna continues to teach many CQLA and writing classes (including a few online live ones!) and will keep her private students going full force. Kayla (lead nurse, former missionary, M-Div student) will keep teaching our sciences/labs and Spanish. Your students will still be in great hands! 🙂

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Original Biographical Essay Live Lesson (Video and Download Included!)

Original Biographical Essay Live Lesson (Video and Download Included!)


Teaching writing is not for the faint of heart! It is the most subjective “subject” in school—and, consequently, can be one of the most challenging to teach. Oftentimes, materials designed to teach writing are more writing idea than writing instruction. They leave the student (and the teacher!) wondering exactly what to do to complete the writing prompt. This is one reason that after I write a book (one hundred in all!), test, test, and retest the book with real (or virtual starting this fall!) students to be sure that all of the steps are included and clear. Last week I shared a lesson from one of my books that I did with a mixed live/virtual class about writing from a given source. This week I’d love to give you another peek into my online writing classes for the fall with another cooperative “guinea pig” group!

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Writing From a Given Source: Cyrus the Great (Live Video Lesson)

Writing From a Given Source Cyrus the Great (Live Video Lesson)


I had my first test run of an online video class with some amazing guinea pig students from Israel! We are offering a couple of select classes this fall as online live video classes—CQLA Level B, CQLA Level A, Research Reports. So when someone said they’d like to join me for a few weeks this summer online, I asked them to be my guinea pigs—and my first online class was born! This particular lesson was one from halfway through our new-this-fall (but tested eight semesters over the past few years!) Meaningful Composition: Jump Start (a remediation book). It is a lesson about writing from a given source.

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Punctuation Puzzle: Led vs. Lead & Alot vs. A lot

Punctuation Puzzle: Led vs. Lead, Alot vs A Lot

Today we have a PUNCTUATION PUZZLE—plus a couple of other errors for you to find!


The shepherd lead them to the brook and they drank alot, because they were very, hot, and thirsty.


Here is the answer with an explanation for each aspect below:

The shepherd led them to the brook, and they drank a lot because they were very hot and thirsty.


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Teaching Writing With a Thorough Checklist (Live Video Class Included!)

Teaching Writing With a Thorough Checklist  [with video!]

Writing class is often the most difficult class for teachers—homeschoolers and brick and mortar schoolers alike. Oftentimes, a teacher has not had much writing experience herself to draw from. (Perhaps her writing classes were lacking in school, and she hasn’t had reason to write much in her adulthood.) Many writing programs are vague and more idea-based than step-by-step-based. You have probably heard me talk on here about how I overcame these obstacles in my writing curricula by utilizing my Directed Writing Approach. This Directed Writing Approach has churned out several *perfect* scores on the verbal SAT/ACT! And…this approach carries over into my writing checklist for students, known as the Checklist Challenge.

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Spelling Lesson: Independence Day

Spelling Lesson: Independence Day

The capitalization of this holiday isn’t the grammar/writing issue. It’s the spelling!

Of course, like any other holiday, both words are capitalized:

Independence Day

Or if written with the informal name: July 4th.

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Very Short Story Lesson (Live Video Training!)

Very Short Story Lesson (Live Video Training!)

I love teaching every type of writing to every age of student! There isn’t a writing lesson that I have written in fifty thousand pages and one hundred books that I don’t look forward to teaching! (There are some grammar ones—direct and indirect objects! And some spelling ones—creating plurals! But not writing!)


My books are so directed and step-by-step that they are truly incredibly fun to teach from.

When you first saw the title of this, maybe you were a little freaked out about the idea of teaching story writing. I know that I used to be before Joshua (my son) taught me how to teach it incrementally, step-by-step with mapping and lists that help students lay out their characters, plot, obstacles, solutions, and more. He is a master teacher and has helped me learn how to teach things that I formerly did not feel comfortable teaching.

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