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Reading Round Up: Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Read!

Reading Round Up: Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Read!


School is well underway for most homeschoolers—and there are lots of kinks to work out here and there. That is fine. Just solve one problem and then move on to another. Tackle the thing that is the most bothersome, then the next most bothersome.

Don’t do everything at once. And don’t expect perfection!

There are a lot of things that you can do to solve reading problems…here are my top several tips, but most of these tips are spread out in the blog posts, products, audios, and videos that I have listed below for a sort of “reading round up” for you. Hope this helps your reading struggles!

Be sure to contact me with questions—I can answer you via a blog post, a freebie product (!), video, or audio! I love to help homeschoolers!!

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Two Coloring Book Readers: Mowgli and/or Beauty and the Beast


When my kids were little, we didn’t have electronics, etc. (except for our beloved GeoSafari and MathSafari!), so gift giving was a little simpler. We did, however, give a balance of educational items and fun items (just like I am doing with my grandbabies!). Our kids loved school and learning, so they looked forward to getting “school” things for Christmas besides the many wonderful toys we got them–for the most part. We had a couple who didn’t love school as much as the others (though we still had high expectations for them!), so I understand the need to make learning more fun for some kiddos! Enter my two readers/coloring books. I am excited about these print books (available from Amazon) as they have the fun of exciting, well-known stories and coloring pages AND text that can be used for reading aloud to the child or as a reader for them.


Above are some links to books I use and love. I am an affiliate for If you click on the links I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support of this blog!

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Break It Down…Get It Done



How’s your “back to school” productivity, scheduling, and prioritizing going? Mine is full on crazy with all of our new fall endeavors—but thanks to the many mechanisms and tricks that I learned from three decades of homeschooling and two decades of curriculum writing, I’m still afloat! 😜

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Free Month-Long Writing Book From Character Ink Press!


Most of you know me by now. And you know that writing, along with parenting, is a true love of mine. I began writing curriculum for a home school publishing company out of Chicago twenty years ago—then we opened our own small press publishing company fifteen years ago. And, in total, I have written over 100 books and 50,000 pages. (It didn’t seem like that many since I just wrote a little every day of my life!)

A small portion of that has been our parenting book, parenting seminar, blog posts, etc. However, most of that has been language arts, writing, reading, spelling, speech, debate, etc., materials. (I’ll post links to the ones at our store in the P.S. below!)

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What Downloadable Products Does Character Ink Press Have?


We get asked a lot lately about how many of our products are now downloadable. Turns out that making 300 to 1600 page books into individual downloadable lessons and booklets takes a whole lot more time and effort than I envisioned! 😉

But we are doing it….little by little! This post will give you a little glimpse into what we have done so far and what our plans for the future are!

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Introducing Write On, Peter Pan Level IV


Fourteen down, one more to go! Then we will have all 15 of our Write On downloadable books up for sale at the store, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Amazon! This post is to let you know about one of my faves—the Level IV book of the Peter Pan series. Take a look at the extensive sample pages for this book here at our store, and read on to find out why your kids will love our Write On books—and especially why your upper level students will love Peter Pan IV!

Here is what you need to know about the entire series of fifteen books:

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Introducing the NEW MC 4 II Book!


Our newest fourth grade composition book is up! Well, it’s not really new…it’s just one of the last two books of the Meaningful Composition series to be revised. And I am so happy with it!

I am happy for all of the regular reasons: (1) It is completely directed—no guess work, no vague ideas of what a student should do, no writing idea book or prompt book; (2) It follows the same layout—each project is one or two weeks long; (3) It teaches the skills needed to complete each project (when an assignment has the student add a quote, it has extensively quote lessons to teach them HOW to add quotes!); (4) It has the outlining spaces, brainstorming boxes, etc., all within it; (5) Has samples galore; and much more.

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Tips for Recognizing Base Sentences to Teach Sentence Openers


Sentence openers. Non-essential information. Dress up openers. Introductory material. Or my personal definition: “A word or group of words that is put at the beginning of a REAL (complete sentence) to add more detail, different sentence rhythm, interest, and variety.”

Regardless of what you call them, they can be tricky to teach for sure. And the biggest obstacle I have seen to teaching them is the simple problem of students not knowing whether a sentence is a real sentence to begin with. Students will never get a good handle on sentence openers (also called introductory material or non-essential information at the beginning of a sentence) UNTIL they have a handle on what a sentence contains.

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Teaching Students That “A Paragraph Is a Unit of Thought”


Once I talked on the Language Lady Facebook page about how many times I had said “A paragraph is a unit of thought” in three days of teaching. (Too many to count!) And promised a post about designing paragraphs, paragraph breaks, and general paragraph help. Here you go!

Dividing paragraphs is one of the most challenging aspects of writing for young writers and adults alike (along with many other challenging aspects!). That is why when people who do not write a lot write a full page with no paragraph breaks. That is also why middle school writers start writing and have no idea when to indent–so they randomly pick a spot (“Hmmm….looks like I’ve written enough to change paragraphs now…”) and indent.

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