New Middle School Peter Pan Writing Book (Downloadable and Print Versions!)


What makes a child enjoy writing? You’ve heard me say it before on this blog and in videos—directed instruction!


What makes a child love writing? Directed instruction coupled with a fun (and familiar) topic.


My Write On! books have both of those benchmarks—and my test students have been loving these projects so much!

I talk a lot about the fact that all of my books (complete language arts, writing only, downloadable writing projects, and more) have my Directed Writing Approach. That is, they take students by the hand and give them the tools needed for each and every project. A student should never be asked to write anything without being taught HOW to do the elements of the writing project, whether those are first person writing, quotation inclusion, breaking up paragraphs, or any other skill needed to complete the project.


Students need much more than writing prompts to become outstanding writers.


So once again, I am happy to bring you another Write On book!


The pluses to these books are many:

1) They contain my Directed Writing Approach.

2) They are fun topics.

3) They are familiar topics.

4) They are short books geared at five different levels (five Peter Pan books, five Mowgli books, five Beauty and the Beast books, etc.)

5) They each contain two to four writing projects—and can be completed within one month during a regular school year.

6) They can be used by public, private, or homeschoolers—or even by tutors or after school programs.

7) They are available in print AND downloadable versions.



New Middle School Peter Pan Writing Book


So….I bring you Write On, Peter Pan II :

This Level II book is designed for upper elementary/middle school students and contains the following projects (from
pre-writing through final product with all the instruction and skills needed for each assignment):

  • Retelling Given Story
  • Finish-This-Scene Original Story
  • Original First Person Essay From Character’s Viewpoint


Each project has detailed samples for students to see how the project was written by another student and in depth lessons of all of the skills needed in order to complete that project—Sentence by Sentence Outlining Lines for Peter Pan story; Brainstorming Boxes and organizing material for original story finishes; first person writing instruction; notetaking from paragraph source; paragraph writing from notes; scene planning; Brainstorming Boxes for paragraph breaks; first person pronouns; final product; Checklist Challenges; and more.

If you are unsure whether your upper elementary or middle school student can write this much yet, start with any of our Write On Level I books. These take students by the hand even more so.

Happy Directed, Fun, Familiar Writing! 🙂

Love and hope,




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