We have a lot of new books coming out this spring! And we would love to introduce them to you in this space! And we would really love for you to click on the Projects Contained, Tables of Contents, Samples, etc., to check them out and see if they are what your homeschool needs next year to get your kids writing—and writing well.

Character Ink Product Review: The SAT Essay and Other Timed Writing

This week we bring to you one of our newer high school books, MC Bonus Book: The SAT Essay and Other Timed Writing. This book has been tested with dozens of students over the past three years—and has helped students receive unusually high SAT and ACT scores!

This “Bonus Book” will prepare your student for any type of timed writing, contest writing,  college-entry writing, etc.—and especially for any situation in which the student needs to know how to write the Five Paragraph Essay . (The last half of the book focuses on timed writing in general and SAT/ACT Essay specifically.) This book, however, is so much more than SAT/ACT prep—it is truly a “thinking” book. Our signature techniques will teach your student how to develop the Three P’s of Persuasive (POSITION, POINT, PROOF) for dozens of prompts. Students learn how to apply literature, history, economics, current events, and more to any essay prompt (through our Proof Pages). They learn how to write a quality essay with “smart” examples and reasoning in twenty-five minutes.  Excellent editing skills are taught with passages in which students find errors—thus, making them better editors of their own writing. It also includes our signature Definition Dissection—our Six Tricks to figure out the meanings of unknown words in any sentence. This book was five  years in the making and testing by Joshua and Donna. Our students have gotten outstanding SAT/ACT verbal and writing scores after using these methods. You will not be disappointed with its strategies or end results!

Table of Contents for this Book and How to Use The Meaningful Composition program

Projects Contained in This Book

Sample Lessons

Audio Description of This Book


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