“The Write On! Workshop” —Donna Reish and/or Joshua Reish

This workshop may be tailor-designed for your group—elementary, middle school, high school, or a combination. Here are some sessions that you may desire for this all day or two-day writing workshop for students (and their parents if desired). Each of the sessions below may be one to four hours in length! We cannot run out of material to teach your students in these outstanding workshops!

  1. Elementary Writing—Teaching young students how to outline, write, and edit their writing
  2. Middle School Essay Writing
  3. Middle School Creative Writing
  4. Middle School Research Writing
  5. How to Complete the Checklist Challenge
  6. From Words, to Sentences, to Paragraphs
  7. High School Essay Writing
  8. High School Creative Writing
  9. High School Research Writing
  10. Writing Timed Essay and/or SAT/ACT Essays
  11. Writing Persuasively
  12. Optional: Editing Roundtable With Donna and/or Joshua and Parents
  13. Much more!



“The Almost 3-R’s Workshop” —Donna Reish and/or Joshua Reish


This workshop can be “designed” by the hosts—you may choose three, four, five, or six sessions from the lists above to create this informative workshop.
Any language arts, writing, reading, or speaking sessions may be chosen (depending on the targeted age group). Call Donna to learn more about bringing many of these sessions to your parents in a cohesive manner to equip them to teach reading, writing, spelling, language arts, grammar, vocabulary, public speaking, debate, and more. (Check out some of those possibilities here).


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