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Joshua Reish

Joshua enjoys writing new Meaningful Composition books with Donna, teaching over one hundred “cottage class” students each semester, and speaking at homeschooling conventions with his parents or on his own. Check out his speaking topics and cottage class offerings!


Teaching Students Critical Thinking Skills – Joshua Reish

Do you want your students to have strong critical thinking skills but wonder how to teach them? In this workshop, Joshua Reish (homeschool graduate who tested out of nearly all of his college degree) will show you how to help children from preschool to college expand their reasoning skills, think critically, discern teaching, and more.




Teaching LiteratureJoshua Reish

Do names like Shakespeare, Milton, and Longfellow intimidate you as a teacher? Is it really necessary for your students to study literature? In this workshop, Joshua Reish will explain why the study of literature is important for all students, and more importantly, how you can teach it with confidence. Joshua’s many literature students love his classes each year. Come and find out why!



Loving AmericaJoshua Reish

What does it mean to be patriotic? Of course, it is more than putting your hand over your heart during the “National Anthem” and waving a flag on the fourth of July, but what? In this presentation Joshua Reish, a home school graduate with a BA in history, will take you on a whirlwind journey through American history. Along the way you will learn about true patriots, some famous and other unknown and the legacies they left for us. Get ready to learn and take your place in this journey that is America—and be equipped to help your students love the real America as well.




Dull or Dynamic? How Are You Teaching History?Joshua Reish

Does your history curriculum consist of giving your child a textbook and hoping he reads it? In this workshop Joshua Reish, a home school graduate with a BA in history, will show how you can make history not only exciting but meaningful and life changing. From practical advice on planning to showing how history should be taught, this workshop could change the way you and your students view history.



The Great Deception – Joshua Reish

Any idea, philosophy, or suggestion that is not consistent with what God’s Word tells us about science, the past, government, and even life, will fail. Joshua Reish, a homeschool graduate with a history degree, will share how the history of communism, from its early foundation prior to Marx through its collapse in the Soviet Union, influenced societies with disastrous consequences. Millions were deceived into thinking that communism would bring about peace and equality because they did not measure its teachings against the Bible. Listeners will learn how to discern truth by looking at suggested ideas —both simple and complex – and comparing them with God’s Word.



Lasting LegacyJoshua Reish

When your child is grown, what will he or she think of those home school years? Thirty-one year old home school graduate, Joshua Reish, will share what his parents taught him as a child and as a student that continues to impact his life today. Filled with stories and practical examples, this presentation will inspire you to give your children a lasting legacy.



Constitutional ConventionJoshua Reish

Students engage in lively discussions in many of Joshua’s classes, including literature, world history, US history, economics, government, apologetics, speech, and debate.

Students engage in lively discussions in many of Joshua’s classes, including literature, world history, US history, economics, government, apologetics, speech, and debate.

This workshop, designed for teens and presented by Joshua Reish, takes your student (or parents) on an exciting journey through the founding of the American government, focusing on the men who developed our enduring political system and why they did it. You (and your kids!) will have a new appreciation for our country—and a new love for history.




The Rise and Fall of Ancient AthensJoshua Reish

It was character that built the world’s first great democracy; and character that led to her downfall. Freedom in Athens had many steps and missteps on the way to creating democracy. After the Persian Wars, Athens was free, democratic, and a beacon of liberty to the world. But they threw it all away. This presentation details the reasons why this government of the people, by the people, and for the people, perished from the earth.



The American Revolution and the Character of a LeaderJoshua Reish

What is a great leader; what character traits must he or she have. This presentation examines four leaders in the American Revolution George Washington, Nathaniel Green, Henry Knox, and Benedict Arnold. While telling the exciting story of American Independence Joshua focuses on the character that made each of these leaders who they were. This is a fan fave!



An Argument for ChristianityJoshua Reish

This presentation gives four arguments for the validity of Christianity; the cosmological argument, the teleological argument, an argument from morality, and the argument for the resurrection. Uses history, philosophy, science, and logic. Cosmological argument focuses on the logical questions of the beginning of the universe. The teleological argument focuses on the fact that the earth looks like it was designed. The argument from morality argues that a. there are objective morals and b. only God provides and adequate foundation for objective morality. The argument for the resurrection focuses on the historic evidence that Jesus did rise from the dead. Great for teens and parents alike!








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