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Thirty Years and CountingRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone (may be a keynote address)


Thirty years ago, Ray and Donna Reish, married for two years with a one-year-old in tow, embarked on the homeschooling journey by homeschooling Donna’s eighth grade sister. (They also began helping folks in a nearby homeschool-unfriendly state start homeschooling.) Three decades and seven children later, they are still living the homeschooling lifestyle with one high schooler and six successful graduates–and helping homeschoolers around the world.

In this session, the Reishes share what it was like thirty years ago for homeschoolers (“walking to school uphill in five feet of snow wearing flip flops”) and what has kept them going–and strong–for all of these years.

They share their “tips for success” along with motivation to “do the next right thing” and a little humor here and there.

Come and learn the importance of creating a love for learning, the foundations of child discipline in the successful homeschool, scheduling secrets, reaching the hearts of your teens, teaching all kinds of learners, keeping your marriage strong, and much more. You will laugh, cry, and jot down ideas that will make a difference in your life, relationships, school, and home.


General Homeschooling--Seminars & Workshops by Ray & Donna Reish


Schooling the Preschooler and KindergartenerDonna Reish

Donna Reish gives some surprising news about preschoolers and kindergarteners – the first skill they should be taught is obedience! She explains how to follow an order in teaching this age that focuses on the truly important things, how to enjoy these years, and more.



Multi-Level TeachingDonna Reish

This workshop focuses on unit study approaches with many levels of children. Especially geared towards moms with children of ages birth through age fourteen, Donna Reish trains parents in scheduling, room time for younger children, the bus stop approach for adding in and deleting various ages of children at certain points of study, keeping little ones busy, older children helping younger ones, and much more.




Teaching Using Unit StudiesDonna Reish

The how’s and why’s of unit studies, as well as some of the downfalls and how to overcome those downfalls. Donna Reish, who has taught various unit studies for thirty years, describes different unit studies, such as chronological, literature-based, topic-based, and character-based. She describes how to implement the unit study approach with various ages of children, evaluating middle school students’ “unit study” work when tests and worksheets are not widely used, developing oral comprehension to aid in unit study effectiveness, the bus stop approach for teaching older children with younger children, and how to know when a child needs more independent study instead of the unit study.



So You’re Gonna Home SchoolRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

Donna Reish encourages beginning home schoolers, giving them the information they need to begin to home school successfully – and enjoy their children at home. In this helpful session, she explains using statistics and studies why homeschooling is superior. Then she explains the top ten things new homeschoolers need to know and/or do, such as setting up a homeschooling schedule, choosing activities wisely, teaching like Jesus, keeping records, and much more.



Home Schooling Your High Schooler Workshop by Ray & Donna Reish



Home Schooling Your High SchoolerRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

After graduating six students from her family’s homeschool, Donna Reish explains many aspects of home schooling high schoolers that they have found to be successful, including mentoring, training towards a student’s bent, helping young teens be successful, training teens to serve, and more. Donna will touch on transcript writing as well.






Teaching Like JesusRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

Jesus was the Master Teacher; Donna Reish explains how home school moms (and dads!) can teach like Jesus. In this session, the Reishes pull out various examples in Scriptures of how Jesus teaches and how the Bible says we should teach and apply them to help homeschooling parents become “master” teachers. We can’t go wrong in our homeschools when we teach and act like Jesus!



Top Thirty From ThirtyRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone (may be a keynote address)

Our Top Thirty Pieces of Advice From Thirty+ Years of Home Schooling—Ray and Donna Reish share the Reishes’ top thirty pieces of advice—from teaching children to read to teaching children to get along with each other—from thirty years of home school. This can be done in one hour (with tidbits of advice from all twenty areas) – or several (going into detail about many of the thirty pieces of advice) or somewhere in between (i.e a Part I and Part II workshop, etc.).




Developing a Love for Learning Donna alone–This topic may be one session in length – or several sessions (preferred)


Donna Reish draws on her thirty years of home schooling-and developing a love for learning in her seven children—to help home school parents see how they can have children who love learning and enjoy home schooling. She includes information on the importance of beginning early in developing a love for learning (as opposed to a disdain for multiple workbooks at a young age); the influence of free time and frivolities on love for learning; the value of reading aloud; building comprehension to build enjoyment of learning; how hands on learning encourages a love for learning; modeling love for learning; creating learning memories; the fun and value of family learning times; how to develop a home school lifestyle; the effects of peers on love for learning; developing study skills; spiritual training at various times; teaching multiple children and multiple learning styles; and much more.







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