Fathering and Marriage

Meeting the Needs of Your Wife and ChildrenRay Reish

Fatherhood & Marriage Speaking Topics by Ray Reish

Ray and Donna love to speak to married couples about the parallels of ballroom dancing and marriage!

Ray Reish looks at the primary needs of a homeschooling wife and children and explains how to meet these needs by focusing on them over less important things. He also instructs husbands in how to get to the heart of your wife and children to really meet their individual and specific needs. Ray will explain practical ways to meet needs at various stages and ages–and how to continue to be one with your wife in a busy homeschool family. Very motivating and enlightening.



Teaching the Bible to Your Children Without PressureRay Reish

Ray Reish gives home school dads the courage to dig into the Bible with their families– without a Bible degree or the pressure that they aren’t doing it right! Ray shares dozens and dozens of fun and non-pressured ways the Bible has been brought into his homeschool over the past thirty years–and how to make God’s Word and its teachings the center of your school and life.



The Successful Home Schooling FatherRay Reish

Ray Reish shares several components that have, in the eyes of his wife and children, made him a successful home schooling father. Fathers everywhere can be successful in their home schooling efforts when they learn to die to themselves and serve their families as opposed to ruling them.



Family Worship, Family Altar, Family DevotionsRay Reish

How Can I Do It All? Ray Reish gives dads the encouragement they need to “do the next right thing” – and not be overwhelmed by the “advice overload” that makes sharing Christ with our children more complicated and out of reach than it really is. In this workshop, Ray discusses family devotions, family read alouds, family worship, family prayer time, teaching our children about God constantly, teaching our children to love the Lord, and training children to have an others-first mindset. Dads can go home and begin immediately doing “the next right thing” – without being perfect or following an elaborate system.




Marriage by the BookRay and Donna; Ray alone

In this marriage workshop, Ray Reish describes how he has applied Scriptures about marriage, selflessness, and deference to their marriage to develop marital oneness. More than another “rule and reign” and “respect and obey” workshop, this one focuses on truly loving and giving–from both the husband and the wife. This approach to marriage makes the “respecting” and “loving” come much more naturally!


Dancing With YOUR StarRay and Donna

Ray and Donna love to share this fun, romantic workshop! In this session, the two of them teach Christian marriage principles through ballroom dance. Come and learn how unified, romantic, servant-minded, and “in sync” you and your spouse can be as the Reishes teach insights into the dance of marriage from the dance of the ballroom.





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