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Bible Buzzwords: Scriptures, Along With Infamous Reish Family Buzzwords, That Teach Children How to Live a Character-Filled Life–Ray and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone {Potential Keynote Address}


“Reishes pick up some carpeting” “If she thinks you did it, to her, you did it”

“Dad’s in the kitchen/Mom’s in the kitchen”

“See a need”   “Penny for your thoughts”

“You’re number three”  “How does that make her feel?”

                                                        “Do the next right thing”



These buzzwords, along with many more, are rooted in Scripture and have come to be vital teaching tools for the Reish family. Come and learn “Bible Buzzwords” from the Reish home, along with applications of them, while seeing how teaching our kids to walk with Christ is more of a lifestyle than a lesson, more relationship than rules, and more communication than curriculum.



Family UnityRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

Ray and Donna Reish share how they have developed family unity in their family of seven children through family togetherness, family worship, family times, family work, family protection, and more. Lots of practical applications to make your children each other’s best friends – and to make them crazy about their parents!



Family Unity Seminar Topics by Ray & Donna Reish ><p class=>Reaching the Heart of Your Teen” height=”333″ width=”500″> Ray and Donna enjoy helping parents raise and reach the hearts of their teens in their homeschooling workshops (“Reaching the Heart of Your Teen,” “Homeschooling Through High School,” “What Your Teen Needs From You,” “What Your Wife and Children Need,” and more!) as well as in their “Raising Kids With Character” parenting seminar (non-homeschool-specific or homeschool-specific version).


Reaching the Heart of Your TeenRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

Ray and Donna Reish share what they have found to work in reaching and keeping the hearts of their teens. With seven children, ages sixteen through thirty-one, the Reishes have found some very specific keys to discipling and mentoring their teens and young adults.






Child Training of Younger ChildrenRay and Donna; Donna alone

Laying the foundation for a successful homeschool and successful family relationships, Ray and Donna Reish teach parents how to train young children in obedience, diligence, kindness, responsibility, and much more.



Discipling and Mentoring Your ChildrenRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

More about discipling and mentoring children–beginning with elementary age and moving into young adults. This workshop is for those with all ages of children, describing how to begin reaching the heart of your younger children while still maintaining discipline, then how to move into a mentoring role with your older teens and young adults.

Family Unity Seminar Topics by Ray & Donna Reish ><p class=The Well-Trained Heart” height=”302″ width=”194″> Our Christian parenting book, “The Well-Trained Heart,” explains how we discovered a heart-training method for raising children, while instilling character qualities into their lives. We do workshop sessions based on the chapters of our book!




The Well-Trained HeartRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

This very newest workshop(s) presented by Ray and Donna Reish and based on their book, The Well-Trained Heart, may be one to a dozen sessions in length! The basic, beginning session is that of “The Whys and How’s of Heart Training”–what the Bible says about heart training, general principles of heart training, the importance of heart training, the trend towards neglecting heart training in favor of academic training and activities, and much more. The remaining sessions may be any chapters from The Well-Trained Heart.










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