Donna Reish is the homeschooling mother of seven children, ages sixteen to thirty-one. She has written nearly fifty curriculum books for two publishers over the past twelve years, including, among others, “Character Quality Language Arts,” “Meaningful Composition,” and “Really Writing” (ebooks). She and her husband own and operate a homeschooling publishing company and cottage class provider, Character Ink (formerly Training for Triumph); Christian parenting ministry/seminar, “Raising Kids With Character”; and “Character Ink” blog. Additionally, the couple has written a Christian parenting book titled, The Well-Trained Heart.


They have graduated six students who are involved in occupations, ministries, and marriages that exemplify the relational, character-based parenting and homeschooling approach that they were raised with.


Donna and her family live in Fort Wayne, Indiana where Donna, originally trained in undergrad school in Elementary Education and grad school in Reading Education, continues to educate her seventh and final homeschooled student, teaches 100 to 150 students every year in “cottage classes” to test her books, writes fiction and teaching materials with her oldest son, blogs about parenting and language arts, spends tons of time with all seven of her kids, and helps homeschoolers and parents in the area in any way she can.







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