I once entered a poetry contest that challenged me and others to write a poem using a given word list. I found it stimulating and actually had a lot of fun doing it. Plus, I was pretty excited with the outcome of my little poem!
So…I thought we would have a Poetry Challenge on Language Lady! Here are the rules:
  1. Write at least four lines (more is okay but not necessary) of poetry (rhymed or free verse) that contains at least six of the words listed below.
  2. Write your poem on the comment section of the LL blog or the comment section of the LL FB page.
  3. Have fun!
Ready? Here are the words* you may choose from:
risen                            Lord                            forsaken                       bunny
spring                          obsolete                       estranged                     reticent
life                               oblivious                     arduous                        acclimate
calvary                        supercilious                 morning                       ecstatic
benevolent                bestowed                     embolden       tenacity                                               
*Note: You may use any form, tense, or plural/singular of the words. For example, you may use bunnies rather than bunny or arduously rather than arduous.


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