Find the action verbs (those that are infinitives—to plus a verb and those that are action verbs without to. Remember—a sentence can have many action verbs throughout it.
  1. Joshua and Jonathan drove to the church early, opened the doors, and began shooting hoops.
  2. Ray went to work early since he wanted to be home in time to go to basketball practice with Jacob that evening.
  3. Since the regular coach attended a meeting that day, Josiah coached the kids with enthusiasm.
  4. Kayla went to work right away, meeting people and helping where ever she was needed.
  5. Donna loved to write, edit, and teach.
  6. Kids tend to laugh loudly, play rough, and jump around when the weather starts dumping rain too many days in a row.
  7. She was going to cook the meal, clean the dining room, and pay bills, but her novel was calling her name.
  8. They did not want to be late arriving since they were about to perform a very important piece.


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